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  • SkeleshredderSkeleshredder Opening Act
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    I won't retread everything that's already been said, so here are the essentials:

    The game: Awesome.

    The Gretsch: Exquisite.

    That is all.
  • kenshin_escakenshin_esca Unsigned
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    First off great game guys. I like the presentation, great dreamscapes. I wish there was more extras like video interviews or something like that other than just photos with info about the songs. Would've been cool if Paul or Ringo could've done some interviews giving information and cool things about the making of each song.
    Things that need to be fixed:

    - You need to add headset support. It's been in other rock band games. why isn't it in this game. I understand if not all 3 people can sing at once but if you don't have a stand alone microphone at least 1 person could rock the vocals. I mean seriously I know you guys want people to buy the microphones but you're alienating those that just have headsets.

    - Blue notes look too much like star power notes. I suggest a darker blue.

    - This one is a request rather than something that needs to be fixed. You really need to add more DLC from the Beatles first 4-5 albums.
  • AyreonAyreon Unsigned
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    The game is great, but I have to say the graphics bother me... while playing.. Im missing so many notes because of it.. maybe it is because Im used to old music bar.. wish there was a way for an option to turn it off
  • TonytTonyt Opening Act
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    I will probaly pick this up tomorrow, it came out today here in the UK.

    Im not a huge Beatles fan but its another 45 songs and money is not an issue so the problem some people have with value is not one I would share.

    I would like some one to confirm the Ion works like it does in RB2, where you can use your 3 cymbals. RB1 and AC/DC did not, granted this was before RB2 came out, so I would expect The Beatles to incorporate this as is in RB2, just looking for a confirmation i guess.:)
  • sgt_melinsgt_melin Unsigned
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    I love the game, the color and dreamscape stuff. only 2 complaing, way to few songs, and too short story mode. this is a expensive game, so more song should be in it.
  • instantdeath999instantdeath999 Washed Up
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    After playing with my brother for a bit, I am really loving The Beatles rock band. I got a chance to play All You Need is Love earlier... I was actually pretty happy they charted other instruments.

    Definitely see myself putting many hours into the game... haven't even tried vocals or drums yet. From my experience so far, the bass lines are very fun, particularly I Saw Her Standing There (which I learned on real bass about a week ago).
  • mtacey27mtacey27 Unsigned
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    WHERE IS OB-LA-DI, OB-LA-DA????????????? LOVE the Beatles and so very glad to own this on Rock Band, CAN'T believe that one is not on there!!!!! WHAT THE HECK????
  • Julio_Strikes_BackJulio_Strikes_Back Headliner
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    I am very pleased with how The Beatles: Rock Band so far. I just started the Budokan on my exp drums career, and am at Shea Stadium for the exp guitar career. First, I was surprised at the sheer trickiness of some of the songs, like Twist and Shout and I Wanna Be Your Man, and also how freaking bad I have gotten at music games. I had to calibrate my system like crazy, and I still sucked! I'll be picking up a second microphone tomorrow so I can start a voxbass/harmonitar career with my sis. The mixing done for this game is stunning. Eight Days a Week sounds like it was produced yesterday.

    Also: the backgrounds look better than what I saw on the internet. The little things are what make it awesome: George winking and smiling at GJohn after his solo on Can't Buy Me Love. Ringo raising his eyebrow like a pimp on "Boys." Stuff like that.
  • DarkMagic56DarkMagic56 Unsigned
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    This game is like a gift from god.
    that said, I love this game so much..

    Thank you Harmonix.
  • fdiperifdiperi Opening Act
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    The game is great overall. The Beatles really do look like the Beatles from the Cavern all the way through Apple Corp RoofTop. I like the animation they put into the songs that are played in the studio, it's magical. I like that before you pick which instrument you play for a song it lets you know the difficulty. I like that if you pause the game during a song it has a countdown before it resumes. I would like to see these features in Rock Band 3. The only 2 things I don't like (one of them only counts for XBOX 360 users) are the end credits are so long and boring and this is the one for XBOX 360....they should have made it where when you look up the achievements from the game's main menu you have to play certain songs to unlock specific achievements and the songs are listed on the screen and you should be able to jump right into playing those songs rather than having to make them up in a set list from quickplay. Overall I give the game a 9.8 out of 10
  • guitaranddrumgod1978guitaranddrumgod1978 Opening Act
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    This game is great- period. The graphics are stunning, the presentation is top notch. Can't wait for the DLC.
  • Rock_StarmanRock_Starman Headliner
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    45 songs and it barely lasts 3 hours. That's terrible. Considering some songs left out (I'm not a Beatles fan even) well there's just no excuse for that.

    Wasn't much fun on guitar. Just not really a lot going on there.

    Whatever changes were made to vocals are fantastic. I'm not sure what exactly (other than scoreless talkies) but I can tell it's different and it's just wonderful. All vocal songs I tried were really fun. Further embarasses the awful GH 5 vocals.

    Changes to the drums on the other hand weren't pleasing. I know it won't be a problem for RB 3 but as it is in this,it's not good. I don't drum a lot,only played the songs I really like and only play on medium so there might be some expert players having fits with it or something.

    No sing-a-longs or effects is kind of a drag. I keep saving star power for the chorus to use the now non-exsistant effects as I normally do in RB 2. Heck Sgt. Peppers says something like "we'd like you all to sing-a-long" but obviously they don't.

    Speaking of wich I was expecting more "dreamscapes" similar to that of Sgt. Peppers/With A Little Help. Stuff like Hey Bulldog just isn't up to par.

    At least there's finally an outdoor daytime venue.

    Overall as a non-Beatles but RB fan I'd say it's about a 6 (though haven't tried bass yet) and hope for some covers to get into the main game.

    I'd love to review the Gretsch as I was intent on buying it however no stores here have yet to carry it. Wal-mart didn't have anything new yet so I hope they'll have it tomorrow because it looks really great.
  • SongbladeSongblade Rising Star
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    I rented it today - it's pretty good - who knew the guitar was so tricky?

    I like the little differences - the stars, the sort by difficulty, the solo and story modes

    Heck, I even like a couple of the songs! (not a huge Beatles fan)

    The artwork is superb.

    Worth the rent - wouldn't buy it tho' - but don't let that stop others!
  • Tego1inTego1in Road Warrior
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    I saved my post count for this.
    So Perfect. My entire family came and played.
    My mom thought the bowing at the end was cute.
    The Beatles beats did surprise me at Ringo's cool fills. The End solo FTW.
    The extras are awesome to have. I can't wait to play this more.
  • OrdealByFireOrdealByFire Banned
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    Graphics: 4.5/5 The backgrounds and dreamscapes and the overall look of the band is really great. The dreamscapes are really vivid and colorful, and the members look a lot like themselves. My only real problem with any of this is when you use "Beatlemania", and the 'highway' turns yellow... it can make it difficult to play drums.

    Sound: 4.5/5 TB:RB has a solid soundtrack, no doubt, with songs that are great to play, including "Back in the USSR", "Day Tripper", "Helter Skelter", "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band", and many more. However, I can't help but notice there are a number of songs that seem to be sort of random inclusions, while great songs like "Eleanor Rigby" and "Hey Jude" are left off disc, forcing anyone interested to pay separately.

    Difficulty: 3.5/5 TB:RB isn't a very difficult game, and that was to be expected. There are some surprisingly tricky songs on guitar, and a few somewhat hard songs and sections on drums, but really, this game is what it was thought to be. I'm actually thankful there aren't random not-even-there notes added to the tracks to make them more difficult. *cough* Activision.

    Fun: 4.25/5 The Beatles: Rock Band, while probably well worth the $60 just for the experience, might not actually be worth it in the long run. The setlist of 45 songs is mostly great, with a few downers in the set, but the majority of the songs are really fun to play and/or at least listen to, and the backgrounds are all really cool. The menus look good, and there are - I believe - never-before-seen videos and photos, which are unlocked by doing well on songs. If you are a huge, huge, HUGE Beatles fan, this will be an instapurchase with no regrets. However, if you are just a fan, you might soon might wonder why you thought buying this was a good idea. There will be DLC weekly, according to HMX, so that will give this game virtually endless replayability for anybody that gets it.


    Pros: A good 85% of the setlist is enjoyable to play, graphics are very good, it's the Beatles.

    Cons: Some of the songs added on-disc seem random, only 45 songs, it's the Beatles. This could be a con to anyone that <3's difficulty. :P
  • rocker820rocker820 Road Warrior
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    I would just like to say that Harmonix will be making the big bucks with this one.
    I was at Best Buy today looking for a digital camera and I saw about 6 different people walk out with bundles of all different age groups, kids, adults, teens, couples, even an older man.
  • OrdealByFireOrdealByFire Banned
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    I was disappointed with it, to be honest. -_-

    Still, a great idea by Harmonix and Apple and others.
  • new2rbnew2rb Unsigned
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    wasnt what i expected but its still fun im screwing up alot but its cuz im tired lol went to bed late woke up early love the super speed option tho
  • rocker820rocker820 Road Warrior
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    You should only get this game if:
    1. You are a fan of The Beatles
    2. You are a beginner player

    I don't feel sorry for anyone who bought or rented the game and didn't like it expecting something different.
  • OrdealByFireOrdealByFire Banned
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    rocker820;3019699 said:

    I don't feel sorry for anyone who bought or rented the game and didn't like it expecting something different.
    since I know you're referring to me, i'll add I didn't buy or rent this game, but thanks.
  • SkittlesSkittles Road Warrior
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    I was very pleased with the final product, it gets me and my dad hanging to hang out, we had such a good time after we got it from the midnight launch at Gamestop! he said we were only going to play 3 songs then go to bed, (he had work and I had school in the morning) but we ended up playing at least 15 :D. anyways, I found it very enjoyable, the visuals are absolutely stunning, and the new instruments just make it even better! (he got the Gretsch and I played the Hofner)
    8.5/10 for me
  • intropeeintropee Road Warrior
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    All I can say is freaking Awesome!!!

    Thank you for recognizing the best band ever!!

    What a experience!!!
  • UnkTobUnkTob Unsigned
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    Oh boy… please don’t flame me… This is simply my opinion…

    I was on and off the fence about getting the game, but since my family gave me a gift card for it, and due to how much my father would enjoy watching, (hopefully playing some too!) I decided to pre-order it. I played through the story mode one and a half times today… So here’s my opinions:

    I like the Beatles, but I’m certainly not as big of a fan as many of the people I read on this forum, and I am disappointed with the song selection… Honestly, many songs I never heard of, and after playing them, I can see why I never heard of them. (“Boys”?) For such a great band, and with their amazing repertoire of songs, couldn’t they have weeded out some of the side B songs and brought some more of the “A-list” songs?

    On the Positive side: I love the new vocal additions! I like being able to switch from lead to a harmony, since I’m new to singing harmonies… Already, I can see improvement in my harmonic singing! Woohoo! Singing harmonies in “Ticket to Ride” was just one of the points where I got “shivers”… in a good way. ;)

    I agree with some that the background colors make it hard to read the notes sometimes, but for me, the colors and the very clever video are worth it! Try playing with the lights off, and just the TV going… I really got into it, and it was quite an experience!
    The background info, videos and pictures are great… Also, the recording snippits that play while a song is loading really are priceless! They provide a “behind the scenes” type of look at this legendary band!

    I’m very disappointed in the lack of drum fills… I know most of you didn’t care about that, but I enjoy the creative freedom of the fills, and I practice so that my fills don’t sound like somebody just hitting the drums as fast as they can… lol
    On the other hand, in regards to the drums: Jimmy Falon said on his late night show (jokingly), “…the new Beatles Rock Band will have 3 difficulty levels… Hard, Medium, and Ringo.” However, I was pleasantly surprised… There are about 1/3 of the songs that I had to switch down to hard from expert on the drums, while playing through the story mode for the first time. I’m happy to report that I’m enjoying playing his style much more than I thought I would! [B]Yeah!![/B ]:)

    So, although I was on the fence, overall, I’m happy I bought the game… Disappointed with some of the songs, and the lack of fills, but I really am enjoying the overall Beatles Experience, and am really looking forward to next Saturday, when I have my extended family over for a Beatles Rock Band Night! We have some real singers in our family, and I am anticipating some good harmonizing!
  • Baanu_RassBaanu_Rass Headliner
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    I'm 5% done and I imagine I'll get my money's worth out of this game. Nothing too crazy but my quest for a OMB FGFC will definitely take some time. I love the ability to switch between bass and guitar scores in quickplay as well as the improved HOPO chords. I'll probably give an update tomorrow, only have one class tomorrow.
  • vcalzonevcalzone Rising Star
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    Here's my review:
    I LOVE THIS #?@%!#$ GAME!!!

    Just played through with my cousins tonight. Casual Beatles fans who knew a lot, but only about half the setlist. They loved it. Actually learned more Beatles music from it. And one of my cousins loved the experience so much he went out and bought an XBOX Rock Band 2 combo with birthday money. I can't wait to play each and every song on every instrument, but the fairly simple drumming style of Ringo has already made me a better drummer in Rock Band 2. Who knew?

    It's so beautiful and I'm so happy that it's not even hard at all to ignore its flaws. And one of those flaws, the limited amount of content, is guaranteed to be remedied by Christmas.

    Pitchfork Media said in their review of Please Please Me that "Rather than a band whose path to the top was ordained by their genius, they were a group with the luck to meet opportunities, the wit to recognize them, the drive to seize them, and the talent to fulfil (sic) them. Please Please Me is the sound of them doing all four."

    Harmonix, this game is you guys doing all four. I can't express enough how much I enjoyed this.
  • vcalzonevcalzone Rising Star
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    UnkTob;3019969 said:
    when I have my extended family over for a Beatles Rock Band Night! We have some real singers in our family, and I am anticipating some good harmonizing!
    Number one: You are right about Boys. But they needed a song that Ringo sang. And at the very least, it's easy to be impressed that he played that while singing. But I didn't really know Dig A Pony before this game. And now I can't get it out of my head. My cousins got turned onto Dear Prudence and And Your Bird Can Sing. So there are good and bad surprises. Just as Harmonix always tries to do.

    Number two: My family is very musical as well. Even though they didn't know all the Beatles songs, they were able to harmonize surprisingly well on even the stuff they didn't know. That was an absolute joy. If your family is like mine, you are in for one of the most fun nights you guys ever had.
  • JeremyC9JeremyC9 Unsigned
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    Thank you Harmonix for this great game. I thoroughly enjoyed it, keep up the good work.
  • TracerTracer Unsigned
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    I personally love all the things done with the vocals, and loved playing through the songs. There were a few songs I wasn't too excited about, but none I didn't want to play all together. I've now played through the entire setlist 2 1/2 times, and my only concern is without being able to export these songs into RB2, are these songs gonna get shelved once I don't feel like playing exclusively beatles?

    The answer is most likely yes, and that makes me really sad :(

    I would love to see a patch even if it meant a little extra money (400Ms points similar to the RB1 export) that would allow all the TBRB content to be runnable with RB1/2 and forward.

    To do this it could mean no melodies, but I would like even more to see melodies get added in support for RB1/2. I know this would be ridiculously hard, and so of course I wouldn't be shocked to see a pricetag with it.. If it came out as a free patch though, it would only help to reinforce my defense that HMX is making money while keeping the player's interest at heart instead of pulling a activision and just trying to get you to buy yet another setlist with new features (maybe).

    The reason I love RB so much is that I have a huge music library (with tons of DLC purchased) that I can play through with friends and never have to worry about flipping out discs and starting up something else to continue playing.
  • Furya1204Furya1204 Unsigned
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    Before typing this review i have to say, this is my first ock Band game. Until yesterday i allways played guitar hero. So, now i can begin.

    This game is absolutely amazing. I got it a bit late yesterday, so that pissed me a bit of. Then I but the game in my wii and all the anger was gone. The music from this band is just the best, every song in this game i really enjoy to hear. And also the graphics is very good. At first it was a little boring, only concerts, just as it was in all previous music games i played. But then the Abbey Road songs. How great are dreamscapes? At first there was Yellow Submarine and the beatles where sitting in it. Then all the other great visual effects in all these amazing songs. Well and the gameplay also is very good. Also i was used to the round notes in GH, the squares don't really make a difference. Ok, i was a bit rusted, but after 2 or 3 songs, i was really into the game. Imo this is the best music game this year. I'm getting GH5 tommorow, but i think it can't compete with this one. Party play and all that other new stuff, especially for wii, sounds great, but it's the beatles.All in all, I only have to say one thing: this game is legen ... wait for it ... DARY!!!

    Oh and btw, today i got an email from amazon(.de). That mail just told me, that i got 3 free dlc. So yeah i'm very happy right now.
  • OzSkyBlueOzSkyBlue Opening Act
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    Wow. What an experience.

    As someone who has loved the band for a very long time, this was everything I thought it would be....and more. I'm not ashamed to say that at one point (the closing stages of Dear Prudence) I even got a little emotional.

    I cannot wait for the DLC to come out, and I can honestly say I don't think I will ever get sick of this game. I won't abandon RB itself (note to EA, please release RB2 in Australia!) but I know that I will keep coming back to this game for years to come.

    Thank you, Harmonix.
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