Raymond Babbitt: "Wal-Mark Sucks"

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So, I show up to my local Wal-Mart at 11:50 pm, as they have a "12:01 am" advert at the door. I'm stoked, and planning on making a late night of it, kids' school prep in the morning be damned.

Only Wal-Mart is full of fertilizer.

They don't have it.

They have Limited Edition Bundles.... but no "software only".

Um, people..... if we're showing up at midnight that stoked to buy the game, do you think that just MAYBE we already have some instruments from any of: RB1, RB2, GH, GH2, GH3, GHWT, GHA, GH5

Wal-Mart loses a sale. I buy tomorrow at Best Buy where they are running BOGOHO on PS3 games.

GG, Wal-Mart.



  • ChaouseChaouse Opening Act
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    all they had was bundles at my walmart too
  • peteykirchpeteykirch Opening Act
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    What's worse is the fact that on the doors over the security things they have a promo for the game, and it's just the software and it says 9/9/09.
  • l-o-tl-o-t Road Warrior
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    Really? My situation is opposite. I really want the limited edition despite having a lot of instruments already. I go to Wal-Mart 5 minutes before closing to see just how many they will have. And they are all secretive about it.

    Employee- "Beatles Rock Band? That's not out til tomorrow."
    Me- "Yes, I know. But how many LE bundles do you have?"
    E- "We Don't know. They're all in the back room."
    Me- "Well... Could you go look?"
    E- "Um... No, actually."

    I explained that I wanted to know how early I had to show up before the store opens in order to ensure that I had a copy coming to me but still no proper answer did I receive. Oh well. Here's hoping for me...
  • MyronJ906MyronJ906 Opening Act
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    Guess I was lucky enough to have a good walmart (first time I've ever been able to say that about this particular location...)

    I read this thread before I left, and tried calling on my way there. They picked up and I asked "Hey, do you have The Beatles: Rock Band game disk only for PS3?"

    their response was "Well, I would think so...all of that should be out at midnight"

    and I explained how some walmarts only had the bundle. So, I went in and was actually the only one there to get the game. It took them about 15 minutes to go acquire it, but I got the game only with no hitch.

    Played a couple songs, now I'm off to bed...work in a few hours.
  • Kolma_Kolma_ Unsigned
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    hah i had same problem xD' i went couple days ago and they told me sold out of normal but had LE in back, i come in 9/8/9 at 11:59 and they said wait till 12:01 and all the brought out was LE saying ups or soemthing would bring in game, i call next closest walmart, they said they have, and now i own Beatles RB for Wii :)
  • Dante1847Dante1847 Headliner
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    the Walmart I went to had the game standalone, but for the guitars, they only had the Rickenbacker
  • JohnnygoWalkerJohnnygoWalker Opening Act
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    I had no problem at all at my walmart. I showed up at 11:50ish and browsed around. 12:01 came and I'm thinking where is the game. 5 minutes pass and at 12:06 a manager comes back and asks the two employees in the electronics department, why they have not put the beatles game out. He said "That game should have been on the shelves at 12:01 we need to get it on the shelf now!" so I let them do their stocking, and made it out of there with the game at 12:18. They had several bundles, tons of the games alone, and more than several guitar packs. They even had mics in stand alone packaging. I was the only one there to get the game. So I bought my PS3 copy and the 360 copy for my brother.
  • catdogtncatdogtn Unsigned
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    i went to my walmart and they had some bundles for xbox sitting in a cart, and had the software only for the wii still behind the counter, but i got one no problem!!! yeeeee haaaaaa !!
  • T-HybridT-Hybrid Washed Up
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    Cool story....but I missed the part where you found $5.
  • cmenearcmenear Rising Star
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    T-Hybrid;3016382 said:
    Cool story....but I missed the part where you found $5.
    OMFG....I thought that was just my family...dude, I totally just crapped myself. You're not some long lost brother are you?
  • edited September 2009
    The Walmart I was at didn't order any Beatles stuff for the PS3.
  • l-o-tl-o-t Road Warrior
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    Wow. No LE Bundles at my Wal-Mart at all. Had to settle for game disc only. I'll return it when I find that Toys'r us has the LE bundle.
  • LockheedLockheed Rising Star
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    Apples;3016427 said:
    The Walmart I was at didn't order any Beatles stuff for the PS3.
    That blows!
  • JasonDLTJasonDLT Unsigned
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    My Walmart only had two LE's for PS3, plus another two SE bundles. No software only.

    Luckily, I wanted the LE and my wife and I were the first in line to get it.

    Seems Wal-mart just dipped their toe in to see how hot the game would be. There weren't that many people at my Wal-mart waiting in line...so...
  • jrinckjrinck Road Warrior
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    I got the last (only?) PS3 disc-only copy at 8:00AM today. There were tons of both kinds of bundles, though.
  • nicko68nicko68 Road Warrior
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    My WalMart had bundles and software only for Wii. Best Buy, which I preordered from, hardly has any TB:RB available for any platform today. They changed the status from "Preorder" to "Out of Stock" last night.
  • KevhouseKevhouse Opening Act
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    Walmart always sucks in my experience, especially with Rock Band games.

    I went there at 5am on the release day of RB1 (mine isn't 24 hours for some reason), waited outside the door until they opened. I was first in line, one person behind me. Darted down to the video game aisle, no rock band in sight. I ask a salesperson, they check in the back, and they have ONE for 360, and TWO for PS3. They were hyping the release of it big time, and they have three total. Anyway, lady behind me ends up getting the 360 version (flirting with a pathetic salesperson gets you far in life), so I went to Fry's.

    Long story short: forget walmart.
  • peteykirchpeteykirch Opening Act
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    I was nervous when I went to the Walmart I worked at. I saw in the back 1 of each guitar for the Wii and 360, 2 LE bundles for the PS3, 360, and Wii, and a ton of the Value Bundles for all three systems. However, I never saw any of the just the disk, my rummaging during my breaks in the back stock rooms came up with nothing, but low and behold they had the disks in another spot. All of this was at midnight none the less.
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