Stop Trying To Send Me Invites To Play

DarkHeartsDieDarkHeartsDie Road Warrior
edited September 2009 in The Beatles: Rock Band
ok, i have a good majority of friends from these forums and yes i know a lot of you are excited bout the beatles and probably expect everyone on your friends list to have the game upon release but lets be serious here:

1. not everyone is going to have the game on the day of release
2. there are people who don't like the beatles like me for instance
3. some people may not want the game due to it's inability to export so it's a no buy
4. others may not even have the money even for the disc alone, these are hard times we're living on
5. if you really want to play online with friends who have the game, ask if they have it or getting it before you send invites to play

i have literally 17 invites in less than half hour from mostly everyone on my friends list wanting to play, a total of 54 invites from all day today

so really i'm going to say this, be reasonable and ask if someone has the game before you send random invites to play

also for anyone on my friends list who do dare try sending me another invite to play even after sending 3 messages within the past few days even today warning you i wasn't getting the game, if i get another invite to play the beatles rock band, i will delete you and not re-add you, i honestly do hate the beatles, i don't want the game, respect that and don't send any more invites to me to play


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