Celebrate the life of John Lennon

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On the eve of the Beatles reemergence, there is a lot of joy but also a little bit of sadness in a lot of fans hearts, myself definitely included. Not to take ANYTHING away from the late great George Harrison, but the combination of John Lennon's young age, and the callous and cold blooded way he was taken from this world is still draining on the emotions even after 29 years. Still, beyond everything else, Mr. Lennon left a legacy of wit, humor, musicianship and love. Post stories, articles, videos, and anything you wish to celebrate the life of John Lennon with. No cynicism here.

A collection of John being a complete Clown

John trying to 'promote' his poetry while the rest of the band pesters him.

John Lennon's portrayal of Gripweed in "How I Won the War," One of his only non-Beatles acting performance.

John Lennon performs with the ultimate super group: Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Mitch Mitchel and Mick Jagger.

John Lennon in Love. Whatever your opinions on Yoko Ono, John definitely loved her in a way that sadly most of us will never love anyone. These clips, hopefully, inspire anyone to want to fall truly in love.


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    As much as Lennon was a brilliant mind behind his music, I think Harrison stands out to me the most out of any of The Beatles. (Within You Without You just moves the **** out of me) regardless, When I play this game and I hear the sheer brilliance that was of them, It hurts me to know that Lennon's life was taken from him in such a cowardly way.

    So to the life of John Lennon, I hear by raise my internet beer mug for a cheer... Cheers mate.
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