If I use a voucher for "All You Need is Love" will it still donate?

JuggernauticalJuggernautical Unsigned
edited September 2009 in The Beatles: Rock Band
I preordered the game from Gamestop, and if I'm interpreting it correctly, I get three free DLC songs. If I use one for "All You Need is Love", will it still donate to Doctors Without Borders? On the 360 dashboard it says something like "will donate the value of 114 Microsoft points to DWB for every purchase of AYNIL". Which is more encouraging than if it said "will donate X% of proceeds", but I'm still not positive, since it says "purchase", rather than "download". What do you think? If it won't donate, I'll just buy it and save the vouchers, but I'd prefer to save my Microsoft Points.


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