Can't Find the Bundle Thread (Keep it in One Place)

OakTeaOakTea Road Warrior
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The EB Games I went to yesterday was already sold out of preorders for the premium bundle.

The Walmart I went to, despite telling me that they'd have them in stock beforehand, didn't have any when they opened (and didn't plan to).

All of the Best Buys or Future Shops in the area are Out of Stock of the premium bundles.

Congrats, HMX, on creating a product in such high demand on the day it was released. :p

I'll update this post with my luck if anyone is interested (nobody is :p). Most stores are closed at this hour, so it's a bit of a waiting game 'til other EBs start to open.

This'll teach me to use money wisely and only spend money that I have. :p I should've pre-ordered it as soon as I could, before I had the money. No wonder everyone likes credit cards. ;)


  • KrystofKrystof Road Warrior
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    I pre ordered from futureshop, not in today. Beginning to wonder if they ever will...
  • OakTeaOakTea Road Warrior
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    That sucks. I figure a preorder should be a guaranteed purchase. :(

    If anyone has any luck finding it near Mississauga, Ontario, post here please. :p
  • PezzersPezzers Opening Act
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    I went up to Best Buy first thing this morning, and they only got 1 Xbox special edition bundle in. Everyone else who was waiting got rain checks, I only wanted the game and a guitar, they didn't even know what I was talking about when I asked for the guitar separately LOL
    She said they should be getting the games. Should. Haha.

    I then walked to Future Shop and the girl told me no stores in the GTA had anything but the value bundle.
  • SkeleshredderSkeleshredder Opening Act
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    I wasn't planning to buy the bundle, but I did want to see it in person, so I kept an eye out for it. Target didn't have anything out, not even any of the remasters-- had to get an employee to get them from the back-- Walmart didn't have the game, guitars, or the bundle. Gamestop, where I picked up my preorder, didn't have any bundles, which surprised me. I figured somebody would have preordered one, but apparently everyone only preordered only the game. I got there right when they opened, and a couple of other people were waiting. Three more people came in by the time I was leaving with the game, and all of us were getting TBRB!

    Best Buy was expecting some bundles, so I may head up there with my girlfriend this evening just to check it out, if they actually have them.
  • grubextrapolategrubextrapolate Unsigned
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    i picked it up (game only) at the HMV in markville mall, markham, ON. not sure if they (or anyone else) has bundles, but you might want to try calling.
  • PezzersPezzers Opening Act
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    The only other place that might have it near me is Wal Mart and I try not to buy anything from there. I guess I'll just wait and hope Best Buy gets their shipment later today, I was the first one to get a Rain Check for the Wii game only so I better have one waiting for me!!! I ordered the Rickenbacker online, it says warehouse is sold out, so who knows when I'll be getting that -_-
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