Drum kit set-up???

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Hi all,

I had just returned home with The Beatles:Rock Band limited edition and am having a real nightmare setting up the drum kit.

The 2 adjustable poles both have black 'feet' on one end, meaning that the dont fit into either the stand, drum pads or into the locking mechanism on the poles. also they so not seem to be removeable

does anyone have any idea how i'm meant to set the drums up? the intructions included with the game dont mention any black 'feet' and in the illustrations included with the instructions they dont appear? help cos im about the burn the whole set :mad:


  • ShadyocShadyoc Unsigned
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    yeah i had the same problem to begin with. You just need to put the 'black foot' side last into the pole with the mechanism thingy on it. The black feet are to stop it from pulling out past the lock. Sorry bout the bad explanation, its kinda hard to describe.
  • tarff26tarff26 Unsigned
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    cheers Shady, thats a great help. thank god you came along but honestly 30 mins ago i was ready for chucking the whole lot out the window

    but i calmed down, went and played a bit of guitar-only 'Birthday' and now your reply has made all well. thanks again
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