Is anybody still waiting for there delivery??

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Iam!! and im getting annoyed :( been up since 9am and its now 4pm and STILL nothing! argh im annoyed with CityLink :|
i want to play it!!!!!


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    Yeah but in my case it's to be expected because I was a cheapskate going with standard 3 day shipping and pre-ordered from ebgames meant the shipping only happened this morning and apparently shipping days don't cover weekends so I won't get mine until Monday. Oops. I guess the good news for me is my mic stand hasn't come in the mail yet and I'll need one to sing and play an instrument as I only got the beatles: rock band game copy; not the bundle that comes with a mic stand.
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    mine says to be delivered on the 9th between 9am - 5:30pm but never seen a delivery during the afternoon before.. so i dont think it's gonna come from now till 5:30 :( i hope it does though
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    Just wanted to vent some frustration. I went to Walmart this morning at 8am to buy the Beatles RB, but I was told that they did not receive their shipment. They only had the deluxe edition available.

    So then I waited outside Best Buy until 10am and found out that they did not have any copies either. So I went to Future Shop, Zellers and Toys R Us... same problem.

    I live in Quebec, just north of Laval. Apparently no stores in the area have received the game. With the amount of lineups I went through, I am fairly certain that once the copies are shipped, they will be snatched up before I have a chance to get one. With all the hype and publicity I was exposed to, it felt like I was counting down the days until the release. Unfortunately, this has left me with little to no desire to add this title to my collection.
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    Free Del. With amazon for my LE Bundle...£4 for next day? What a rip off!

    (I would play it as soon as it comes and as I work from home...well the temptation would be toooo great.)
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