I can't believe the day is finally here =)

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Well, we all made it. Amazing! And as I sit here listening to The Beatles Christmas Record (which is hilarious,) and anxiously awaiting my stereo/mono box sets in the mail, I figured I would take a little time to write my initial thoughts on the game and just how great this day is. Soooooo, here we go.

Limited Edition Bundle:

- That guy from IGN is pretty much an idiot, in my opinion at least. I mean right when you open that box and you see the Hofner, what else can you say? It's just beautiful. And I love the longer size of the neck, the whole thing just looks and feels perfect. I've only played a few songs with it so far as I've started out playing lead but it's just awesome. If you're someone who is used to pressing back to activate overdrive, this guitar will take a little getting used to as the button is more out of the way. Drum set looks cool, haven't actually used it much yet. The kick head makes me laugh because it reminds me of the sun protector you'd use for your car windshield. Only took me a few minutes to put everything together and it was all nice and easy. Very well packaged too.

Gretch Guitar:

- I like how the "effects" control is the knob, nice little touch there. The Gretch is just slightly longer than the Rickenbacker, not by much though. Kind of the same on this guitar w/ the overdrive, the back button is a little bit further down the guitar so you need to get used to that. But it's definitely closer to the usual position than the Hofner. The look is fantastic.


- I would say that I slightly prefer this one over the Gretch at the moment, I guess because the back button is in the familiar location for overdrive and that's just what I'm used to. I would imagine in a month or two I probably won't care though as I'll be used to the alternatives. This one is probably the most like the RB2 guitar considering button placement, effect switch, and overall design. Not saying it's exact obviously, but the closest.


- ................what can I say? To even be playing The Beatles: Rock Band is in itself a miracle and a joy. To see this game in my Xbox 360 is beyond my wildest dreams and as a MASSIVE Beatles fan, it would be impossible for me not to love it. I'm only about half way through the venues in story mode so not a whole lot to say about that, other than I've enjoyed the little movies in between and nice to hear Ed Sullivan incorporated. I imagine there will be people who wanted/expected more from the story mode, but like I said. There would have to be something really bad for me to be disappointed in any way. I'm just so happy to play it. In regards to difficulty, I imagine the message board crowd here will probably go through it quick but there seems to be some pretty damn tough songs in the game to me. The charting is fantastic and I've come close to failing songs more than once, but also have gotten through most everything. The scoring is definitely tighter. I love the chatter before and after songs. I've played some of the dreamscape songs in quick play just because I had to and of course they're just amazing to watch/experience. HMX deserves some sort of artistic award for this game; hopefully they get it. The sound is GREAT, these are definitely the remastered tracks and it is just an absolute joy to listen/play these songs on my 5.1 system. That part cannot be understated.

All You Need is Love:

- The chart incorporates pretty much every instrument in the song lol. Violin, Trumpet, Guitar, you name it. I was surprised that the download was only about 20mb; I figured for sure these downloads would be bigger. But that wasn't really a full dreamscape anyway so perhaps others will be bigger. Anyway a great way to kick off DLC and of course I can't wait for more!

All in all.........it's just great. To actually have this game, and know that I'll be playing it for, pretty much forever, makes me happier than any length of review can describe.

Thank You Dhani Harrison for being "one of us" and knowing what this kind of game could do to honor The Beatles in a new exciting way.

Thank You Paul/Ringo/Olivia/Yoko for not being one of these uppity musician types who thinks your songs are too good for video games and rather you realize that this is for the new generation, and also for those of us who have grown up on your music. This is why you're legends!

And Thank You Harmonix, for making a tribute so great, so appropriate, and so much fun to experience. You've now set the bar for all music games to follow it.
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