wireless drums and guitar wont connect

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Neither my drums nor my guitar will connect. I bought the full game, not just the cd. My rb2 stuff works fine. Ive tried the connect button on both but that doesnt work either. Ive restarted the game several times and turned everything on and off. Any suggestions? Thanks!


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    What system are you on? I use PS3 and sometimes I've had this problem but it's resolved by going into the playstation menu's accessories and checking the number the guitar and drum controllers are assigned to. I think they have to be between 1-4 or they won't register, and of course they can't be assigned to the same number.
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    IF you are on the 360, are you making sure to hold down the connect button on the controller while the xbox is searching?
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    I'm using a PS3 with the Ltd Edition bundle.
    My problem is with the Hof Bass...
    All other instruments work (drums, mic and the seperately purchased Gretsch guitar) but the bass instrument connects and instantly goes to the 'controller/system' menu (the one with quit game, assign controller, switch off controller, swith off system) like when you press and hold the 'ps' button down on a wireless sixaxis/dualshock3 pad.
    It was very confusing as it happened a couple of times, managed to connect and do a couple of songs but upon restarting the PS3 & game after switching it off for a break the bass never worked properly at all.
    Also worth noting...when the controller menu appeared the 'x' (or 'green' in this case) was completely useless, I could only use up and down to highlight different options. I tried turning the PS3 off and on again but every time it was the same thing.
    I've tried pressing the button on the dongle which exits the menu screen for a second or two, displaying the game again, before re-entering the controller menu again.
    I had bought this for my girlfriend's dad and we're all having fun playing it with the other intruments...need the bass to work though!!!
    Desperate for solutions or maybe how I can replace the bass if it's faulty :)
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    After a few months I was able to find these steps that work on my system. Now I need someone to try it on theirs to confirm these steps as a universal solution. Not sure if it will work for drums too but give it a shot.
    The problem seems to be related to a timing issue so time is a big factor in this solution. You must go through all of these steps before the console stops searching otherwise you will need to start over.

    Below are the exact steps that must be taken:

    1. First turn on your Xbox and let it boot all the way up.
    2. Now take the battery cover off the guitar and power it up.
    (the battery cover removal will make sense in a moment)
    3. After that hit the search button on the Xbox 360 console and the lights on the console should start to rotate.
    4. Next start the search on the guitar.
    5. Once the guitar lights start to animate quickly remove one of the batteries and put it back.
    6. Now power up the guitar again.
    7. Finally as soon as the guitar powers up hit the search button on the guitar and it should connect.

    Note: all of this must be done before the Xbox stops its connection search.
    If the console stops searching before you power the guitar up and search again you will need to start from the beginning.
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