Will This Setup Work on 360 Version? (Mics)

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Our copy of the game is at Best Buy awaiting pick-up later today so I can't be sure.

Our regular RB2 setup has two wireless guitars and the wired Ion drums along with a wired mic.

Yesterday I rushed out to pick up Lips to get the two wireless mics as I suspected there might be a run on those once this game gets out. I got it based on comments here that this is a good fit for the game.

I was a bit disappointed to find they don't work in RB2 but that a patch is coming. I can wait for that.

However, upon reading the manual for the mics it states that the two wireless mics can only be used in conjunction with two other instruments. Is that accurate?

Do I still need another wired mic?

The plan was to have the drummer use the wired mic we have (as he sits closest to the console) and two others use the wireless mics.

That would mean, in total, we'd have:

Wired drums, wireless guitar, wireless bass, wired microphone and two wireless mics for 6 total pieces of hardware.

Just wanted to find out before the wife picks up the game so that she can also grab a used wired mic if need be.


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