Thank you, HMX & Pi

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I have to take a break from the game to say this:

Thank you so much Harmonix Music Systems and Pi Studios for making this happen on the Wii and doing justice to the game and the console. Apart from some expected pixelization of poly edges (it's still not a 360/PS3, afterall) this game is simply a beautiful sight to behold. The control interface is even improved from RB2, as if that would be possible. Every song is a joy to play on every instrument - this coming a guy who plays certain RB songs on guitar and sings certain other RB songs.

Incidentally, through a miscommunication, my guests didn't make it through the day so I've been experimenting with it all day. At one point, I had three USB mics hooked up and was singing harmonies, even managing some "Double Fabs" by spacing the mics differently (only possible because I have two mic stands). Can't wait to have six people all over this game later this evening.

Final silly anecdote: there were no midnight releases here in my semi-remote northern Ontario town; I had to wait until the morning to pick up my pre-order from EB Games. I was early, expecting a crowd, but I was the first one - EB Games here doesn't open until 9:30am and it was 9:00. The clerks some a scraggly old dude in a Beatles t-shirt sitting on the bench outside the store, did the math, and invited me in to pick up my pre-order. We briefly traded stories about the various new controllers as well as the particulars of the published pre-order numbers. Great guys... who probably now think of me as that old Beatles fan.

Ironic because I was born during the hey-day of The Beatles. I must convince my folks to try this game - they've seen us playing GH and RB games, but I don't think they would expect TBRB. At the other end of the spectrum, my nine-year-old girl has been singing Beatles tunes all week with the increased media exposure around the game and the catalog re-release.

I look forward to downloading many (hopefully all) Beatles albums - I'm particularly a fan of the early stuff, including all those covers they did. Make it happen, pweeeeeeeeeeeeze? ;)

Again, thank you HMX/Pi. If I consider Mormonism, will all of you marry me??? (j/k) :D
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