2 TB:RB Clarifications

Cross posting Sean's announcement from earlier today for easy access. Read on!

HMXsean" said:
Hey everybody,

Hope you are enjoying The Beatles: Rock Band (or will be soon). I wanted to give two clarifications that may be important to you so as to avoid crazed speculation, conspiracy theories, or other somesuch.

FIRST- Our new guitars have an adjustment to their firmware. What does this mean? It means that you need to hold the start button/navigation button down for a little while to make it function. Why is this good? No more butter fingers accidentally pausing the game or bringing up the console navigation thing and stopping the music with their floundering. A win for all!

SECOND - Yes there is a code on the back of the manual. It doesn't do anything. It is our habit to serialize all our games like this.

I hope you all are really enjoying the game and I am wicked pleased to have it out in the world now. If you have any pictures of parties or waiting in line or any other fun make sure to tweet them to @rockband or post links on the forums. We'd love to see!
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