2 guys, 1 mic and two guitars

benetbenet Opening Act
edited September 2009 in The Beatles: Rock Band
Me and a friend of mine where eating ice-cream in the fall sun in Sweden this afternoon. I then got the idea that we should go and pick up The Beatles: Rock Band, he was down. After about 45-60 minutes of getting old games to trade in, getting a mic-stand to be able to sing and play guitar at the same time we hook everything up. HD projector and surround sound.
Neither of us are huge beatles fans but we both like the music and know about 50% of the melodies by heart. We both play all the instruments and sing when I host my parties (guitar/bass: hard/expert vocals: medium). We figure we'll try expert on the bass and guitar and hard vocals. 31 song later and we havn't failed a single song and have had a blast so far. Bass/guitar we average above 90% and since we only know about half the vocal melodies we get a few 60% but mostly over 80% and we've both gotten a few 99%. We're going back tomorrow to finish the last tracks to get the 24h achievement.

Thanks harmonix for a great band game! You've really outdone yourselves and once again proven that it's about the music and nothing else.


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