Harmonix, The Beatles has made me adore you so much more

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Dear Harmonix,

First off, this is one of the simply most awe inspiring, entertaining games I've played in a while. I got to blast through the 45 song setlist as a part of the now renamed "Dude Choir" for the harmony vocals, fronting a full band, and am incredibly impressed by the game. Not only did you get a bunch of us laughing as we botched the intro to Paperback Writer (We're sure we made John Lennon roll over in his grave with that one!) and cheer as our dude power caressed a triple fab out of She's So Heavy (Along with an interesting improv'd backup bit during the guitar solo), but also to get nostalgic and misty eyed for a band that up until last night, most of us playing knew barely anything about. We laughed, we cried, we met The Beatles, and rocked the world.

This, honestly, is how Harmonix should proceed. If you all can, keep the quality this high, the love this deep, the passion for amazing music in the forefront of all of your future games, there is no question they will continue to be this good. I simply adore you, Harmonix.

In closing, if anyone that is on the fence about this game catches this post, please, get five other friends together, no matter how much they know about The Beatles, and give this game a spin. It's truly a musical journey that will inspire you.

Thanks for such an awesome experience,
Jake W.

P.S. We also got to play with all The Beatles instruments. Very fine, very awesome faux instruments. Keep it up, Harmonix.
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