Who wants a Ladies Avatar shirt?

C-WeinerC-Weiner Road Warrior
edited September 2009 in The Beatles: Rock Band
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Here you go =)


  • Andii VampAndii Vamp Opening Act
    edited September 2009
    Thank you VERY much for this! My daughter will be happy tomorrow with this on her Avatar. MANY thanks :)

    If anyone has a male one for use with my avatar, I would appreciate it big time, as we had no codes here in the UK :(

    Just send me a pm or something here, or add me on Xbox Live. Gamertag: Andii Vamp

    Thank you again for the female one. You are a star!
  • Ebsy81Ebsy81 Unsigned
    edited September 2009
    C-Weiner: Nice of you to do that.

    Btw, I'd absolutely *love* a 'male' t-shirt code too if anyone has a spare?.
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