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I'm using the MIDI Rocker on the Wii, and was having a terrible time getting sub-200 note streaks instead of the 99-100% I'm used to. I spent a frustrating 3 hours trying to get the audio/video calibration settings right so that I wouldn't keep missing notes, but nothing seemed to fix it. I finally tried messing with the note duration setting on the MIDI Rocker and that turned out to be the culprit. The setting used to 50ms which worked great for RB2, but resulted in dropped notes on RB1. The latest firmware changed it to 30ms, which worked great on both RB2 and RB1. However, in TB:RB it results in dropped notes. I set it back to 50ms and now I'm back to getting 99-100% and only miss notes that I really did miss.

Now back to finishing story mode...


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