Got it yesterday

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(for free at my gamestore...must be my awesomeness or something... lol)

Anyway, I have to say that HMX did a REALLY good job on this one. The presentation is absolutely amazing,,, I was baffled watching the in-between vids and background vids... so classy, and the song choices are TOP!

Also I think HMX did a very good job on charting, because they have really tried to make it accessable and still somewhat demanding at the same time without butchering things (lots of 3-chords and stuff, atleast at expert level, I dunno about others). Good job.

In all, a pleasent experience. :)


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    I Saw Her Standing There on Expert Bass made my hands explode
  • TheObscureTheObscure Rising Star
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    Ozzie234;3020371 said:
    (for free at my gamestore
    By free do you mean stolen?
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    I don't know where else to post this without starting a new thread. After I played it for a bit and went to bed, I had the strangest dream. I had time-travelled to sometime in the 60's and was hanging out and jamming with the Beatles! There was a bit to it, but I won't bore you with the details. I do remember thinking I had to make sure not to play a song they hadn't written yet, in order to preserve the timeline. Let's just say it was fairly surreal and made me LOL when I woke up.
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    This is my first Rock Band game and I'm blown away by it. Last night me and my mate were going 'Just one more go' for about 3 hours!

    One thing I have found is that playing the drums is REAL fun. I realise now I hadn't paid much attention to what Ringo was playing (having been a Beatles fan since 1980 when I was 10) and when you play the drums you can see how good he is and how intricate some of (for me anyway, not being a drummer) the patterns are. It's made me hear and appreciate the songs (that I thought I knew inside out) in a different light!

    And my 1st vocal go was on 'I Am The Walrus' and got 100%! Woop!

    My number is 2874-6662-4935, feel free to add me! :)
  • Ozzie234Ozzie234 Opening Act
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    TheObscure;3020415 said:
    By free do you mean stolen?
    Actually no, I'm like a local celebrity of skill in GH, so it was given. No bull. :D
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