Beatles drums not connecting problem for Wii

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So yesterday I brought home the special edition with the bass, drums and mic for Nintendo Wii. I was super excited when I got home and set everything up right away. I play drums for real, so naturally I was stoked to try them on the Beatles Rockband seeing as it's my first time playing RB and I am a total Beatles fan. Problem is, the drums won't connect/sync with the USB Drum Dongle. I've followed instructions from the manual, some tips online, and just random messing around. I can't get them to register at all! I was at it for about 2 hours before finally deciding to just play bass until I got some help. Here's what happened:

When I pluged in the USB Drum Dongle it didn't light up the LED light. When it was plugged in, but not lit up, the drum icon (when you're in the 'Join Players' screen in the game) kept making the drum noise over and over as if it was recognising that the drums were there, but they kept cutting in and out so much that it sounded like a crazed drum roll. After fiddling around with the USB Dongle (taking it out and plugging it in again numerous times and in different USB ports) it lit up. So I tried to sync the drums to it again, but both the drums and dongle just keep flashing and flashing. There was no 'drum roll' on the Join Players screen, and it recognised the drums were there seeing as it said 'Join' under the drum icon, but the drum kit was not responsive and the 4 lights on it kept flashing. I've restarted the game, turned off the Wii, taken out the batteries from the drums and put them in again, as well as tried to resync all the controllers but nothing is working. It's so frustrating!!

Has anybody had this problem? I'm brand new to RB and don't know what to do, please help!


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    I'm sorry to say I don't know how to fix this, because I'm having the same exact problem. I mean, the game reconizes the drums, but it doesn't seem to respond when hit or the LED button pressed.
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    I am having the same problem, I have followed the instructions in the manual but the wireless USB dongle and the drum kit controller continue to blink, they will not sync with each other. Any tips or ideas?
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    I am having the very same problem, ringo-girl! I have done everything you did...turned things off, changed batteries, etc. and nothing works. The lights don't come on or anything. We left the USB dongle blinking for almost 2 hours and it finally said join underneath the drums, but they were unresponsive. I am SO disappointed! Hopefully someone can shed some light on the problem.
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    Make sure you're using the right dongle.

    The dongle with the two usb ports are for the guitar, and the other with no usb ports are for the drums.

    hook them both up (that's what i did), and turn on your drums. they should sync automatically. your guitar should also sync when turned on. if they don't then push the sync button on the drum dongle first, then the drums to see if that works. Beyond that, I would call Harmonix

    I'm a n00b to RB as well, and first time messing around with the USB dongles, but it worked after messing with it for 30 minutes.

    hope this helps!
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    I haven't had a problem with my drums, but just so you know, I had to return the first bundle I picked up yesterday because the guitar dongle didn't work. It was doing the same thing that your drum dongle was: Cutting in and out, sometimes recognizing the guitar...and then it died.

    I called Harmonix's customer support line, tried a couple different things, and was told that it was most likely defective. They're not setting up warranties yet, so despite what the pink paper inside the box says, you're allowed to return it to your retailer. Your best bet is trying to exchange it for another copy.
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    We ended up taking our set back and getting another. Unfortunately they didn't have the limited edition Beatles set but they had the regular set that included the Beatles game, so we purchased that instead. Set it up and began playing in 15 minutes. The drum set and guitar aren't as nice looking as the ones in the Beatles set, but the thing works and that's what we really wanted. Hope the problems with your drums gets solved.
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