Suggestion for Carrying around?

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I'm going to ask this here, b/c the instruments are a little different than the regular ones, as well as that I can't really find any discussion (at least not easily) about what people are doing, so sorry if it's repetitive...

I've read a lot use large duffel bags etc to get the gear around, but the one thread I read was an old one in the general forms. I really prefer not to just toss everything next loose in a flimsy bag.

Any suggestions on what to get to carry stuff around for various parties and such? I don't want to spend too too much, but I'd rather put a bit out there to help keep them safe, than have to fork out more later to replace. I'm willing to wrap things in a cheap blanket/fabric as well, but even w/ the flimsy sides, one drop the wrong way could be quite bad, even w/ the extra padding.

I'd really prefer something that's not only fabric that separates the instruments from the elements but also isn't hard to get around for my short stature. I was hoping to use a large roller suitcase I had, but it seems the neck of the guitar(s) (even w/o the head) is still too long for that. I also read that someone uses/used a 40 gal rubbermaid style tub, but I'm not sure if the 40 is (a) big enough for the longer necks, (b) too big for me to get around myself.


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    I usually carry the guitars on my back, everything else in a bag

    Drums I hold in my hands
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    yeah I read that too, but I don't want to just throw them on my back w/o anything on them. It would go from my back, to the back of the jeep, to bumps and turns and hitting into eachother/other stuff, and I want to avoid any possible damage/scratches etc. I know it's inevitable, but what's preventable (esp while they are still new) is always appreciated. So something a bit more secure is my preference. and if there is an easy way to get everything on one place (that can double as regular storage at home in my room) that's great.
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