4 instruments at once on WII?

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Here's an interesting one:

We just purchased the new "The Beatles: Rock Band Limited Edition
Premium Bundle" AND the Wireless Rickenbacker 325 Guitar Controller
AND the Wireless Gretsch Duo-Jet Guitar Controller so that we'd have
the complete set. I have tried several hours to get them all working
at once with the game. The most I can get going is two guitars and
the drums at the same time. We were assuming that we could use all
three guitars and the drums - just like the actual Beatles band did.

I have tried various configurations of having the wireless dongles
directly into the two USB ports on our WII as well as plugging a
simple USB hub into the WII and plugging the dongles into that. We
can always only get two guitars and the drums (and the fourth position
always seems to be looking for the microphone which doesn't interest
us now.)

The literature seems to indicate that up to 6 players can be supported
at once, and the game seems to allow at least 4; just not our
preferred combination. Is this a known limitation that was not
documented or that I missed?



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