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I was watching the dreamscapes this evening (log in as singer, set to no-fail and performance mode, then play) and the one for Yellow Submarine started playing, and the memory hit me: this was one of the first songs I ever learned the words to, because my mom had taken me to see the movie. I was 4 (yeah, do the math, I'm an old fart now).

Feel free to relate your first Beatles experience.


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    Well I'm not as old of a fart as you are....but my first experiences with the Beatles were also as a kid around 4/5 years old and my parents listening to them all the time. My dad had a killer record collection back in those days (when turntables were still the norm) and I've still got quite a decent collection of Beatles on vinyl (swiped 'em all from my dad years ago...)

    One of my favorite things in the game is the opening of Saw Her Standing There...when Paul counts off "One, two, three, fah!" The way he spits out the four...I loved that as a kid, and I love it now.....
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    I was 8 or 9 years old and spent a weekend with my uncle and grandparents. My uncle had the "Help!" single, and I played that sucker what seemed like twenty times in a row. Needless to say, my grandma was ready to use it as a frisbee when it was all said and done. That's still one of my favorite Beatles songs.
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    First time I ever corrected my school teacher was in first grade and she was leading us kids in a sing-a-long. Everyone was singing Yello Submarine, but she and the other kids kept getting the lyrics wrong. I soon fixed that and yes, I am that old LoL.
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    I used to hear a lot of Beatles songs on 96.9 FM. The ones I can recall were Rock and Roll Music (as an oldies station), Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, Come Together, Let It Be, and I think Hey Jude.

    The first one I remember liking was Come Together. I went a while without hearing Beatles songs until I heard Revolution and Taxman after reading the top 50 conservative rock songs list and I liked those. I heard DC Talk's version of Help! on the Jesus Freak 10th Anniversary Edition CD and liked it.

    I think, however, it's the Beach Boys that are ultimately responsible for me liking the Beatles because I was listening to Girl Don't Tell Me and saw it mentioned that Ticket to Ride sounds similar. I listened to it on YouTube and I liked it. Then I listened to the samples on and eventually bought the 1 CD. Now I have the Red and Blue Albums and I sold my PS2 and games and a few old GameCube games for store credit and old 360 games and paid $34 for the game and $27 for the Gretsch. I'm selling my old Xbox system and a bunch of games and I plan to use the money for the remastered box set.
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    The Yellow Submarine was the reason why I got into the Beatles when I was 6.
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    In my teenage years, I was at the house of some friends, and we were watching Batman: The Animated Series, and occasionaly making silly comments ala Mystery Science Theater 3000. There was a walrus or something in one episode, which prompted one of my friends to go "I AM THE WALRUS, GOO GOO G'JOOB!" and I went "...What?"

    They told me about the chorus. I was still not sure I believed they were serious, and so when I got home, I pulled out an old vinyl record my parents had (and hadn't played since they got a cassette deck in the early 80s), which was the blue album, and dusted off the record player to verify.

    After that song and Across The Universe? There was no escaping my delayed Beatlemania. I wound up buying half the albums on cassette, then most of the rest on CD, and had been working on replacing the cassettes with CDs now that I no longer have a working cassette deck. Now I can't decide whether I want to get the original versions of those albums for solidarity, or the remasters.

    But yeah. It's Batman's fault.
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    My first time was in music class and we were each given a tape player and a set of headphones and told to listen to the piece of music and write about the tempo and pitch etc. The song turned out to be Love Me Do and all I did all lesson was play - rewind - play - rewind... I ended up getting detention because I hadnt done any work. In detention my music teacher decided to tell me everything he knew about The Beatles and from that point I never looked back.
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    I am 30, so I grew up when there were only a few kinds of acceptable music (grunge and rap), so mostly I stuck to those.

    However my parents, aunts and other adults around me were children of the 60s and 70s, so I was exposed to a LOT of music. My mother was into the bands AFTER The Beatles though, so I didn't really get a lot of exposure from her.

    My earliest Beatles memory was of my late Grandfather driving me to Karate practice around age 9. I always asked him to stop at McDonald's (To get a Who Framed Roger Rabbit cup) and once during these trips the song "Eight Days a Week" came on.

    A little geek, I was quite upset with the lyrics, considering I knew for a fact there were only 7 days a week.

    Then I got it. And I told my Grandfather "HEY! He likes her so much its like there is an extra day in the week, cause he loves her more than enough for 7 days!" He chuckled and I enjoyed it.

    Later in my 20s I feel back into love with classic rock, Steely Dan, Queen, etc... and I was even able to share The Beatles with my Grandfather until he passed on last year.

    They are cemented in my head, and I hope, my two daughters' as well.
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    Great stories here! Of course I'm waiting for the "I saw them at Shea Stadium" or "I saw them on the Ed Sullivan show" story.. Ya know there has to be one here somewhere :)
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    I was 6 when I heard the Beatles had broken up, and I was devistated. I kept asking my father if they had gotten back together yet for at least a year. I also remember the moment my friend came and pulled me out of my English class in high school to tell me John Lennon had just been shot. :(
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