A few vocals questions

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A few questions relating to vocals if you can help

1) If I have a headset for talking to friends should I mute it while singing ?

2) Can you have more than one vocalist in an online session at the same time, can you have up to 6 players online ?

3( Wgen singing solo it offers you the choice of harmony or solo, what is the difference.

Thanks guys.


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    1: if you value your friend's ears, yes (as in it makes it harder for them to play with you singing in their ear, cause the delay btw your voice and their loacl system is significant).

    2: all vocalists must be in the same location, the other players can be online (no splitting singers)

    3: not sure, try it!
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    !1) I guess I was checking if the game handled that somehow, muting your headset mic etc.
    2) Thanks
    3) I did try it and couldn't figure out what was different :)
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