Easy Do-it-yourself Headset/mic!

edited September 2009 in The Beatles: Rock Band
I've just made my own headset, and it was soooo easy to do..... 1. Smash open your mic(actually quite hard to break) 2.Carefully strip down mic to bare minimum(just 1" black disc & wire left). 3. Take a length of coax cable and wrap it around your head 3 times. 4. Electrical tape the mic & wire to the cable end, wrapping tape around&around(let wire out in middle of back of your head to balance setup). 5. Bend cable/mic end to be in front of your kisser. 6. SING WHILE DRUMMING!!!! You've just made a comfortable,stable,cheap headset that kinda looks like a halo(and your head won't get hot like a hatset would)(was gonna rig a baseball hat w/wire hanger type setup). I should've thought of this so long ago, it's so easy! GET TO IT & ROCK ON!


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