Your Top 10 Pop Albums and Top 10 arguably pop rock of sorts albums for RB

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Similar to the "Top 10 metal albums" topic , post your top 10 pop albums you want in RB

I think that if I don't divide this there would be alot of lists filled with stuff thats not REALLY pop (Like AFI/MCR/LP and so forth) so thats why theres the 2 seperate lists

Make a top 10 for both (Unless you can't even think of 10 albums for one or the other) then just do as many as you can think of

My lists :

My Top 10 Undeniably Pop Albums for RB :
10.Katy Perry - One of the boys
9.The Veronicas - Hook me up
8.Metro Station - Metro Station
7.Fall Out Boy - Folie a deux
6.The All American Rejects - When the world comes down
5.Kelly Clarkson - My december
4.Paramore - All we know is falling
3.Paramore - Riot!
2.Kelly Clarkson - All I ever wanted
1.Paramore - Brand new eyes

My Top 10 Arguably pop rock of sorts albums for RB :
10.The Fray - The Fray
9.My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade
8.The used - Lies for the liars
7.The Used - Artwork
6.AFI - Decemberunderground
5.The Used - Shallow beleiver
4.My Chemical Romance - Three cheers for sweet revenge
3.AFI - Sing the sorrow
2.The Almost - Monster Monster
1.The Almost - Southern weather


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