Need Help!

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Due to a computer failure in the past, I lost all of my individual instrumental recordings for some songs that I wrote and recorded with a band a few years back, but I still do have all of the files of the finished song products in all formats and in top quality. I was about to get ready into fully begin getting involved in the upcoming "Rock Band: Network" so that I can chart my work and bring it to the public, however, I came across a recent article stating that in order to even start the process of bringing your music to the game you need to have multi-track recordings of all your songs. Is there any way around this or am I completely screwed? Do I have to re-record all of my music all over again or is there a program that I could use to break the songs down by instrument and then transfer those files over to work on them for charting. Any thoughts/opinions/ideas are fully welcome. Thanks!


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