My son have been converted

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He have heard me play beatles as long he have lived and didnt like them very mutch, He have now played the beatles rockband in two days with me, and he have started to love beatles, he have even started to lissen to the other albums and even he after just couple of days miss some songs. but it very very fun for me to se my son starts to discover the beatles and wants ..or allmost demands to play the game with me. He is a expert drummer from RB2 and he do think the game are little more easy when he starts to trow those dam goldstars around.. ( I dont have one yet ) But the fun part, even if he have goldstar on many song. he still wants to play those song becourse He like the musik. The beatles is still going strong! And I and he cant wait to buy more to the game. Now I have to start to work to get the others in my family to play, My wife will be a hard nut to crack.


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    Good work! :D

    I think high difficulty only really matters to the hardcore RB fans; for the rest of us, having good and fun songs to play is the most important part!
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    A testament to their greatness. Will anyone remember today's groups in 40 years? I doubt it.
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    My son is 9 years old and a "real life" drummer. Yesterday I said to him, "There's a song in the Beatles game you just have to play" and did Helter Skelter with him on drums and me on guitar. He loved Ringo's "I'VE GOT BLISTERS ON MY FINGERS" shout too. (BTW, he sight-read it on expert, got 93%, played it a second time, got 97%, and then obsessively played it 3 more times in a row. If anyone in our family is going to get that 100% expert drums on Helter Skelter accomplishment, it's going to have to be him :) )
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