McCartney's Bass: Please sell separately!

SwampycatSwampycat Unsigned
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Please Please Me! Offer the McCartney bass instrument separately!

It was definitely a smart move, business-wise, to put the most "signature-looking" and unique-looking of the signature guitars exclusively in the kit, because I am sure a lot of people reluctantly bit on the full kit *just* to get that bass.

How about at some point doing something for the rest of us who really would like it, but just couldn't or wouldn't splurge on the whole kit to get just the one item? Most of the kit is really redundant for many, and I think most would agree that aside from the bass, the peripherals in the kit are ho-hum. For my part, the only bits I needed were the game (already bought now, so scratch that) and a 2nd guitar (have a 2nd but it is a 3rd party job that isn't very good, frankly).

I could do the EBay thing but it's just laughable to see what people are willing to bid these things up to at this point. I don't need a plastic game peripheral quite *that* bad....


  • GypsyMaidenGypsyMaiden Unsigned
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    Yes we are with you Swampycat...However I think after the initial buys, HMX will eventually offer it as a stand alone...they are reading the boards, it's a money thing...once the bundles stop selling..they know we want it...
    But what would be even better if someone would do a full scale Hofner controller. Like Madcatz is doing with the Fender
  • bobellis75bobellis75 Unsigned
    edited September 2009
    I hope they sell it individually at some point. I apparently didn't research it well enough, as I thought it would be sold individually up until recently, and purchased the game only with the thought I'd go back in a few weeks and get the Hofner.

    I will still at least get one of the other guitars, and hopefully the Hofner will be available by Christmas (would make an excellent gift for me!)
  • jcunning_1974jcunning_1974 Unsigned
    edited September 2009
    Same here, purchased the game thinking I'd be able to get the bass by itself later. Hopefully the bass will be available individually soon.
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