How long will the Rick and Gretsch be out?

raveonedraveoned Unsigned
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Hey there! This officially my first post on here, after some time of not wanting this game. But, after seeing it and trying it at Best Buy, I fell in love with the detail and love that went into it.

So, I'm now waiting for my used Wii system to come, and my copy of TB:RB and a Guitar Hero World Tour controller so I can start my journey!

(BTW, I chose a Wii because our 8 year old daughter has friends that have Wiis, and most games she would love are only on Wii)

Anyway, I'm eyeing up a Duo-Jet also for this, but I wanted to gauge the priority for it.

Are the Rick and Gretsch going to be very limited, or will they be out for a bit?
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