Game skipping??

LeZevoLeZevo Unsigned
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I just got the game yesterday and am really enjoying it so far. However, I noticed that about once every other song (approximately) my game will skip for a couple seconds where the chart stops moving and the video pauses and the audio keeps repeating the last second or so of the song. And it lasts a second or two and then picks right back up. Am I the only one having this issue? I havent spent any time adjusting settings to see if that changes anything yet but i was curious if anyone else is experiencing something similar or if I just have gremlins in my xbox.


  • MaxRenn82MaxRenn82 Opening Act
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    That happened to me once. It used to happen in RB2 alot too for me, but not since one of the updates I suppose. Now it's pretty rare when it does it it RB2. I imagine it'll be patched sometime. I also install my game to the hard drive before I play it so the disc is just in "spin-down." I'm playing on an Xbox 360
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