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so I bought a wireless xbox 360 microphone for the game and already have the wired one that came with rockband 2. anywho, can somebody please please please give me a simple step by step for dummies like guide on how to go about setting up the wired and wireless mic to use at the same time for harmonies?

i have gotten as far as have my profile name and "player 3" or "player 4" under the vocals selection but only i or the other can select to sing and not matter what song i pick that has harmonies, only one mic response and the other is as if it is off.

am i stupid? i think so.


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    Okay what it sounds like is that you are trying to use two controllers? If so, you only need one controller. Okay and to determine which mic is not working, after selecting harmonies, that screen with the mic indicators should come up, and hopefully two would be lit up. Talk into both of them and see which one registers. If it is the Wireless one, make sure you have connected it to your Xbox by pressing the connection button on the Xbox and holding down the power button on the wireless mic.
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    yeah, turns out i unplugged the microphone that goes to the usb port in order to hook up un-needed second controller....man do i feel stupid lol. cue shooting star followed by "the more you know!" cause knowledge is power!...going to the boards, way faster solutions that going through the maze that is xbox.com tech support.
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