"Get Back" On the Rooftop - Which Camera Footage was used?

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HMXers - quick question for you.

I have seen different feeds of the versions of Get Back on the rooftop. However, they have said that there were other cameras were used. If i remember correctly, Paul says something about it and it gets picked up by the mics when they are getting ready to start the gig.

My question, what footage of Get Back do you use to compile the rooftop footage and is it another camera(s) footage of the event that has not been released?

I ask because only in the later rendition of Get Back, you see a few Police on the rooftop, but they are mostly cut off or partial views of the people just off stage with them. I am curious if you used "Never before seen" footage or if it was more of a montage creation from all of the camera shots.

Edit -
When you replay the song a few times, you get different views shown...So it looks more like a montage of the 2 performances.
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