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Sorry if these have already been asked; feel free to post a link to answers or relevant threads.

Just got the game today and went to Story mode. One of the screens asked if I wanted to create a name; I did, so it took me to a screen with a keyboard. There was a red "+" sign on the lower case "y." I tried everything (I think), but was not able to move the cursor anywhere. How do I maneuver on this keyboard? I don't especially want a band named "yyyyyyyy" (not sure how I would accept this even if I wanted it as I can't get the cursor to move).

Second item: I played the entire story mode (I think). It played a cinematic with the song "The End." After the cinematic, the TV screen went blank and I was unable to get the Wii guitar/remote to do anything. Even hitting the "home" button or trying to turn the Wii off on my remote did nothing. I ultimately had to unplug the Wii. What's going on with this?

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    On guitar, use the analog stick on the guitar to move the cursor. Or you could just use a wii remote like normal use.

    That's happens to me with some games. Unplug the cord in the back of the wii (the power cord). It should shut the wii down. Plug it back in and play. Everything should be saved.
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    FYI, there's usually no need to unplug the Wii. Just hold the power button in on the console until it shuts down.

    The chances may be slim, but I wouldn't want to risk damaging the power port on the back of the console when the power button works just as well. =)
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