Thanks HMX for introducing me the The Beatles!

DELTAsnakeDELTAsnake Unsigned
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I've never really listened to The Beatles, then TBRB came along. The trailer destroyed the idea that The Beatles were just a boy band. I bought the game from EB because of there return policy incase I didn't like the music, but I love the music so much I have just ordered the box set. Thank you HMX!


  • Stig_the_PigStig_the_Pig Opening Act
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    ²nd that

    there were some songs that i knew, and i thought they were overrated, but thanks to this game, i really know that they were the best band in history :O
  • quinakingquinaking Road Warrior
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    I remember my first thought after hearing about it. "I'll only get it if it has Come Together." So young, such a fool I was.
  • Theo EdisonTheo Edison Unsigned
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    Proof that this game is awesome. Personally, I heard Let it Be, and had a great respect for the Beatles. I heard Strawberry Fields Forever, and then loved them even more. I saw Across the Universe, and then decided I would raid my Dad's stash of Beatles music and listen.

    Thankyou Beatles, for getting me into iPods.
  • instantdeath999instantdeath999 Washed Up
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    It's funny. The Beatles are a band everyone knows, but at the same time, it seems like not too many today really know them and their material.

    I've heard The Beatles all my life, and think it's just fantastic that so many others are starting to enjoy them. It astounds me how people like Jack White, Billy Wyman and Chad Kroeger can say that music games are a bad thing.
  • Cpt. OverkillCpt. Overkill (Briefly) Touched by a Banhammer
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    When TBRB was announced, I laughed at the idea. I always respected The Beatles, but I was never into their music. Then, one day, I decided "Lets download Abbey Road!" then I heard Come Together and had to stop and think "The Beatles do this song?!" Then after a few minutes, Here Comes The Sun came on. I was hooked. :)
  • ZorbaruZorbaru Opening Act
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    haha, the beatles as a boy band.

    can you imagine it if those 4 were transported thru time to todays market. i wonder what they would have been doing.
  • zack10housezack10house Road Warrior
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    Alright, be honest....who else thought Aerosmith's Come Together was the original before the game was announced? :p *shame*

    I've literally listened to nothing but the beatles outside of RB2 for the past few months, never gets old.
  • mlucifersammlucifersam Unsigned
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    to Deltasnake. I'm so jealous, I've been into the Beatles since 1980 but you, having just got in to them, have SO much to discover. It's an amazing journey! ENJOY! :)
  • Rich T.Rich T. Rising Star
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    I've been a Beatles fan since I first saw their cartoon show as a kid way back in the sixties (Youtube the episodes: It's so bad it's great--The Beatles had no participation in it). From there I started discovering their music as my older siblings bought the LPs. It's awesome to see a new generation discovering just how much fun their songs are.

    I hope this kind of feedback is somehow filtering back to McCartney and Starr.
  • crazysean05crazysean05 Opening Act
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    I think Ringo said in an interview that he hoped this game would get people into the Beatles that never have been. Harmonix did a wonderful job with this game and it does nothing but honor the Beatles legacy. I've listened to pretty much just the Beatles for this whole month and I never get tired of it.

    I think I had to sing Here Comes the Sun five times in a row with five different bands online and I never wished someone wouldn't pick the song.
  • Jordan10laJordan10la Opening Act
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    I knew that The Beatles were a good band but the only songs I knew were Back in the USSR, and Helter Skelter. But then I saw the first trailer and I was hooked, thank you Paperback Writer and Harmonix :D
  • SwivleSwivle Rising Star
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    I got the game yesterday, and for the past two days me and five of my friends have had all-night Beatles nights. Here's who the group consists of:
    - Me, already a fan of the Beatles and Rock Band
    - Another, even bigger fan of the Beatles who doesn't own a game system and now adores the game, calling it beautiful.
    - One guy (a big Rock Band fan) who didn't really get into the Beatles until a few days before the game came out, and now can't stop talking about the game or the band.
    - One guy who doesn't really like the Beatles, but plays guitar for us anyways.
    - Another who has been into Metallica and Iron Maiden and nothing but all his life, and now realizes that he knows and loves nearly every song on the game and is seriously considering buying it.
    - And finally a guy who came into yesterday not really knowing the band that well, and came out of it discussing harmonies and dreamscapes.

    All in all, the last two nights have been some of the most fun we've ever had, and there are still more people who haven't had a chance to come over and play the game. I should really start charging. :D
  • PlatysmaPlatysma Opening Act
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    Now go listen to other 60's and 70's rock.
  • bobellis75bobellis75 Unsigned
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    I've been into the Beatles since I was very young...I grew up with music everywhere, and was hooked on these guys at age 4 or 5...I'm 34 now. Got my 13 year old daughter hooked (finally). She's been on the edge - likes a handful of songs, etc. She even let me name our dog Lucy ( know). Anyway - a girl at her age is influenced to listen to all kinds of crap on the radio by her peers, but this game came out, and she is literally a Beatle maniac. We even watched Help! last night (she thought it was hilarious). Pretty of the music sequences was hot, and she says, "That guy is hot. And so is that one." John and George were the targets of her affection. My wife says, "I thought Paul was supposed to be the hot one?" then the scene hits where the girl is winking at George and he says "I'm getting winked at a lot these days. That used to be you, didn't it Paul?" Too funny.

    Today I have a date with my daughter to watch A Hard Day's stuff.
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