Microphone stand issue. . .

lucidreams318lucidreams318 Unsigned
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Leave it to me to have an issue with the game before I even start playing it..ANYWAYZ...

I can't figure out how to lock the microphone stand to the height I need it to be...there are these 2 little clips but I don't think that they are for locking the microphone stand's height....does anyone know how to do that and what the little clips are for???


  • losttouristlosttourist Unsigned
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    those clips are for the mic wire, to adjust the stand you loosen or tighten the ring located at the middle of the stand. As for the clips you take them off, then align your mic wire on the stand, then slip the clips back on to keep them in place.
  • JBurtonJBurton Opening Act
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    When you pull the bottom up it should only be able to go a certain distance up. Then tighten the knob at the bottom. THEN adjust the height from the top and when you have the height right, spin the middle knob thing and tighten it then. THEN you can put the mic into place, maybe wrap some wire around the stand, and clip the wire into place on your stand with the clips. If you ABSOLUTELY need me to, I can take pics of mine...
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