TB:RB Wii Drum problems

AtredesAtredes Unsigned
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So I just go this and played through some songs with guitar and vocals.

Now I'm trying to get my drums connected. All that's happening is the 4 LED lights flash on and then it doesn't do anything after.

I heard that the drum dongle should not have any usb jacks on it, but the two I got with the game both do. Anyone else experiencing this?


  • BostonSAMBostonSAM Unsigned
    edited September 2009
    Mine came with one dongle w/2 UBS ports on the back and the dongle for the drums does not have any USBs. I have the Wii version. Sounds like a packing issue??
  • MotherSquidMotherSquid Unsigned
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    First off, whats a dongle? We are having connection issues w/ the TB:RB drum kit for XBox...Played thru this delightfully linear game w/ guitar & vocals without a hitch. But when we first began to drum, within 60 seconds of play we'd get a message saying that the drums were disconnected, please reconnect. We packed some cotton wadding into the battery pack & still kept loosing the connection. Now that problem has seemingly stopped overnight but been replaced with new issue; the song starts, and before any notes appear, you can freestyle on the pads and get notes to register but as soon as notes start to roll, no hits register. But it shows the controller as connected! Any suggestions? Should we return the drum kit to GameStop? THANKS!!
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