Will PS3 ever get the Network?

GasmokeGasmoke Unsigned
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and if they are about how long is the time frame on all of this to happen?


  • davidshekdavidshek Community Playtester
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    Nobody knows. Nobody can answer that question.
  • DanB91DanB91 Rising Star
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    well, we're getting the store.

    if your question is referring to actually uploading the songs, we have no idea.
  • AllOrZer0AllOrZer0 Unsigned
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    I think as far as the network itself, it was said somewhere that the creator would remain exclusive, and the PSN would essentially be getting the select songs Harmonix agrees to release.

    Source: http://www.joystiq.com/2009/08/27/rock-band-network-store-coming-to-ps3-wii-players-out-of-luck/

    The PS3 version needs an overhaul to at least match parity before I'd worry about the network though. The ability to use multiple profiles in band play would be nice for one (could be patched, but it would be huge), and fixing the laggy menus would be nice as well (probably patchable as well).

    Sucks for us PSN players, and moreso for the Wii, but until Rock Band 3 rolls around with an even slate on both, or better yet, all three consoles, we likely won't see much change in things.
  • iruhlmaniruhlman Opening Act
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    Until Sony develops and beta tests a similar service to XNA, your not going to be able to create this stuff using a PS3. I'm not sure Home/Wiiware is setup to do anything like this?

    As stated after a 30 day "exclusive" period, select tracks will be brought over to the Wii and PS3. I suspect thats the way its going to be for awhile unfortunantly.
  • pracerpracer Unsigned
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    Not to hate, really, but this is one example of why people should play xb360 w/live. It what it is, plan and simple. It reminds me of last gen it was all about the PS2. Thats where everything went, this gen the best set up is xb360 w/live. No friends code, more players, matchmaking, bigger banhammer keeps idiots in check, target platform from which to port from, and LIVE>PSN, you get what you pay for. Oh, and I do own all three systems. But I get tired of PS3/Wii guys complaining, just get over it and go with the flow.
  • GasmokeGasmoke Unsigned
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    hommie lol sorry had to get mexican on your ass lol.But seriously i dont have nothing agianst any system but i feel for as much money as they are PS3 and Xbox they should be on the same playing field like if xbox comes with something PS3 should try to 1 up them or vice versa. you know what i mean?
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