Professional Covers?

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Can "professional" covers be charted into RBN without the original's consent?

Let's say Tweeter and the Monkeyman by The Headstones, would you need to get the rights from The Headstones and the Traveling Wilburys, or just from the Headstones?


  • JayBird3993JayBird3993 Unsigned
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    No covers are allowed in RBN. I'll update this post to find the source.
  • socrstoprsocrstopr Opening Act
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    They have set the tentative rule of no covers *period* for exactly this reason. The legality of who owns the rights to what with covers gets increasingly complicated and there is no real way for HMX to confirm you have the rights to use a cover of a song in this way (meaning for RBN use).

    It's like the RB1 export songs, in a very simple example. The songs in RB1 were licensed to be used in RB1 and that's it. They had to re-license them under different terms to get them exportable to RB2. The same goes for a cover of a song a band puts on an album, they most likely have the rights to cover the song, put it on the album, and that's it.

    Course there's a million other scenarios, but that's exactly why they're taking the 'better safe than sorry' approach.
  • HeyRilesHeyRiles Besse's Girl
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    That said though, I would be surprised if I didn't see some WaveGroup bands come to RBN
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