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Everyone else was making a topic about it, so I thought I'd jump the gun, too. A Million pardons if it's overdone by now. Either way, my band, Bluefusion, is making it's way to Bluefusion thanks to Rhythm Authors! Not only is "Fighting Spirit" coming, but "Force" and "Thirteen" by us, too! We're prepping some ideas for future submissions, as well.

But anyway, We're basically two guys with no musical training what-so-ever that've been playing for three years (Me), and around one year (Drummer), respectively. We also have pretty low quality recording equipment, so I'd like to think we've achieved something by making it into Rockband. Nobodies can be somebodies, too!

(xP and if that doesn't catch your attention-- my prime influence is Buckethead--which you might be able to pick up in my soloing style.)

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Fast paced, and relatively catchy. There are three solos in total, The first one may catch you off guard, but it likely won't fail anyone. The second solo is a pitch shifting riff that'll be relatively simple and easy. Lastly, right before the end, I've added (JUST for Rockband, I might add) a killer tapping solo, that'll probably wipe the floor with anyone on their sightread. The last solo alone might be worth giving it at least 5 star difficulty, perhaps the horns, too.

Nothing too exciting. Nothing was made with Rockband in mind, it basically follows the rhythm guitar. That may be a plus for some players, but it doesn't seem too exciting, sorry bassists! This song was written before I had any idea how to record bass parts without a bass, thus wasn't crafted to merit an exciting bassline.

My Drummer's stage name is Shazzy Zang, That should be enough to convince you of how awesome this part must be. But seriously, it's a beat inspired by the likes of Rise Against. I know how to play the song on the drums, and I can tell you that it's pretty fun to play, but not overly difficult until around the end, where we have you switching between the closed hi-hat and the crash cymbal. No Double Bassing here.


(The one you're all familiar with)
Fighting Spirit:

Pretty straightforward song. The guitar solo is pretty crazy, but with overdrive, it should be easy enough to pass. The harmonics are surprisingly and wierdly fun to play in the custom I've made of this song, somehow. There's outro killswitch scratching a'la Morello, and an outro flanger that I've asked Rhythm Authors to chart as a trill, as well, seeing as it worked nicely in my custom. This might be the first time Rhythm Authors have had to chart killswitch scratching though!

Bass solo! 'Nuff said! It's nothing crazy, but I put it in there specifically so that you bassists could be heard. I thought the bass was fun, in the custom I'd made. Fun fact: The bass part was recorded with a pitch shifted guitar; I don't actually own a bass. Unfortunately, the chorus is similar to "Welcome Home" by Coheed and Cambria; triplet green notes. Ah well, sorry guys.

Lots of fills and double bassing! This is undoubtably going to be the hardest part of the song. There's ...not much to say about it, other than it's gonna be difficult, though. Take a listen and hear for yourself.



Guitar is varied on this song! There are a few killer solo spots, but a lot of the time it's mellow riffage. There's an e-bow buildup before one of the choruses, too! You can really tell I'm influenced by Buckethead during the solo part, too, before the mad tapping.

I BUILT this song for you mofos! I wanted the bass to be a central instrument that was very forward in the mix, and that would be really really epic. This whole song (Hopefully) is like one big bass solo for you guys, and I really hope everyone really -really- likes it. Especially you, Sickhands. (Pardon, too lazy to find the 'proper' spelling)

They're...weird. They seem difficult, to me. Kinda repetitive though. I haven't much to say about this one, sadly.

"Go!...Go! [Song] Go! Go!"
I ...don't think these will be charted at all, hahaha.


So that's my songs in a nutshell. But I also wanted to know, for future tracks, what is it that Rockband players look for and find fun in a song? I'm mostly looking towards drummers, bassists, and singers, too, since I'm mostly a RB Guitarist when I play, so I've got a pretty good idea of what's fun. But yeah, Custom tailoring songs specifically for Rockband can be fun, especially if they're old songs by us, that we're gonna make a Rockband 'remix' of.

So please share, and I hope you enjoy our music!

(Guitarist, Bassist, Sequencer of Bluefusion)
(RaTM Footnote: All sounds made in these songs were done by guitar, bass, vocals or drums.)
(EDIT: Haha, if you check out our site, keep an eye out for easter eggs- the site's got quite a few.)


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