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- On the Bass there is an extra input down the bottom besides the PS3 large button and change input button. What is this used for ? I've read you can plug the foot pedal into it to start bettlemania? can mic be plugged into it?

- The Same on the Drum Set below the foot pedal plug. What can it be used for? plug mic into?

- Below the Strum Bar there is a hole and a clear sensor or some kind?

- Cymbals.. If I get them does the game look/play any difference? does it tell you when to use them or do you just guess?

- The Slider besides the select button on the Bass.. what does it do, or is it just there to look good and does nothing.

- Whats the estimate in lifetime of batteries in Guitar? Drums?

- Can you play 4*drums? 4*Guitars?


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    - Yes, you can plug a pedal in there to activate OD/BM.

    - The plug on the drums is a plug of mystery ("reserved for future use" is how I believe the manual puts it). Useless at the moment, likely to be used for some feature in the future.

    - That sensor is, I believe, the auto-calibrator.

    - The cymbals don't change the gameplay experience, except in RB2, where it will make cymbal sounds during fills, but the game doesn't tell you to play notes as cymbals.

    - That slider is the effects switch. It does nothing in TB:RB, but in RB1/2 it allows for different effects to be played when in OD (wah-wah, flange and a couple of others).

    - Depends on use, quality of battery etc. From all accounts, pretty good.

    - No.
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