Beatles Rock Band in Indonesia

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I'm a huge Beatles fan and I live in Indonesia, I've been waiting The Beatles game for a long time. When I came to the video game store on September 9th, the guy said that Beatles Rock Band hasn't been released yet.
Does the game have a different release date for Asia? If so, when?


  • Mr_BellcaptainMr_Bellcaptain Opening Act
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    from what ive seen it should have been released. If you cant get a copy try having one imported from another country. If your using a system that needs a localized disk, like say using an xbox in North America you need a NTSC disk i think is what it is. So if someone in NA got a disk from England for instance they cant play the game in their xbox.
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    I live in Beijing with a US Xbox and I order all my games from They just got the Beatles in on Monday.

    Edit: By the way, they only have the US version (even though its not region protected). They say they will get the Japanese version sometime this month.
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