My best score ever. Will it be online?

aspiringaspiring Rising Star
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Ok, so i just scored my best score ever on "I Want To Hold Your Hand" and i am ranked number 29 on drums!!!! I have no idea out of how many this is, but will there ever be online leaderboards like RB1/2??? Man i am so proud of mysel right now :D

Oh and i friggin love this game so so much.

EDIT: Nevermind io found out where: It lists me as 37 but on the game i am 29 (on a tie) out of 9354.

Still what an awesome achievement that it.


  • justintimeROAjustintimeROA Opening Act
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    There's also leaderboards in the game. Just go to extras -> leaderboards
  • T-HybridT-Hybrid Washed Up
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    I love the Leaderboards in this game. One of my problems with RB2 was that any scores you obtain online go towards your "local" leaderboards but don't get counted towards your career. So if you were part of a band and got some insane score on a song...only the people hosting the band got credit.

    But in this game, all band members get credit for the score. So if it beats an old personal best it gets updated.
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