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For the achievements where you have to get a career score of 1,000,000 for each instrument, is it best to start a separate story for each one or use the same one? Or does it not make any difference?

Also, can you do the harmonies career alone or do you have to have more than one person?


  • T-HybridT-Hybrid Washed Up
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    You can get every Achievement in one story save. A Story Mode save is not tied to any specific instrument, and the game tracks each instrument score seperately.

    Also, you can do Harmonies career alone. Keep in mind that you must actively CHOOSE Harmonies on each song however. (Similiar to selecting Bass/Guitar before a song starts)
  • MinimaulMinimaul Opening Act
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    I was getting points in quickplay too, for the harmonies. :Shrug: but You do not need to start a new career for each instrument. I ran through the game the first day on drums and got the 1mil/drum achievement. then I've been going back and replaying song, five starring some, etc with the other instruments and it's been working fine.
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    I liked to do it, I did guitar and bass in the same story, then vocals and drums in their own respective stories just to keep track of what songs I had already done with them. But like it has be said you can really do it however you want.
  • TurboStitchCWTurboStitchCW Opening Act
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    another easy achievement (if you haven't done it already) is the one where you start a story with a 4 player band...all you do is turn on and sign in with all of the instruments (vox, drums, two guitars) then select a song from your already created story. (you don't even have to play :))

    just sayin......
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    The career scores, as far as I can tell, seem tied to playing solo in any mode. I hit it with guitar having gone through and five starred everything on easy and pushing a handful of songs on medium. As far as I can tell; your score is the cumulative top scores on every song. I'm not sure if scores from challenges were counting; but I don't think scores from online bands were counting towards this.
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