I Fight Dragons interested in RBN!

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I Fight Dragons is a "NES-rock" band from Chicago. They released their debut EP, Cool Is Just A Number on February 6, 2009, and have since experienced an explosion in the growth of their fan base, recently surpassing 4000 fans on their mailing list from everywhere around the globe. Go on youtube and look up their songs.

They recently performed at probably their biggest gig yet, the Warped Tour in Chicago.

Imo, if I had to pick a genre for there guys, lets say, a cross between Alternative, Pop-Punk, and plain Punk. Each of their songs have a different feel to it.

And, yes, they have real songs, not just 8-bit creations. Think of it this way - the 8-bit is an instrument, along with guitar, bass, and drums.



Sign up for the mailing list and get a FREE (yes, free!) digital copy of their EP, "Cool Is Just A Number"

I talked to the lead singer about bringing their songs to RBN, and this was the responce.

"Yes indeed!! We're already signed up to get the email when the beta opens up in october :)"

So, yes, they are coming.

:) k thats all.


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