Band's most complex songs

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Don't take this the wrong way and turn it into a "music doesn't have to be complex to be good" flame fest. This is just a curious question, and I am in no way saying the most complex is the best.

Which song by each of these artists would you consider the most "complex" or musically challenging? Here are my guesses
Dream Theater (The Dance Of Eternity)
Metallica (Dyer's Eve)
Pink Floyd
Led Zeppelin
Porcupine Tree (Anesthetize)
Opeth (complex? something off Damnation. challenging? something off deliverance or Blackwater Park)
King Crimson (21st century schizoid man)
The Beatles (hehehe epic flame war inc)
Mastodon (The Last Baron)
Electric Wizard
Iron Maiden (Fear of the Dark is pretty complex with all the tempo changes)

any others you can think of


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