3 little things I love about RB Beatles

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Besides the obvious stunning graphics, animations, etc in RB Beatles, 3 nice little things that I love about RB Beatles are:-

1. Star tracking in quickplay menus (of course!)
2. The game save file is not locked like it is in RB2. This means that if my PS3 ever dies I can restore my save data from backup onto a NEW (different) system and not lose everything I have done. This happened to a friend of mine recently with RB2 and he lost everything he had worked on for months which is really unacceptable. RB Beatles shouldn't have this issue considering it's save file is unlocked.
3. I can now talk to others in RB Beatles using my Singstar wireless mic without having to yell at the top of my voice just so the others can hear me (and they would still have trouble hearing me). They seem to have fixed something which makes it pretty much perfect now.

I know star tracking is coming very shortly for RB2 with the patch, but I'm also praying they have rolled these other things into the RB2 patch as well (or are going to address them in another patch in the not to distant future).

Thanks for the fixes HMX!!!

Edit: Oh wait, there's a 4th thing I love which I just remembered... When browsing songs in the quickplay menus it shows how you compare score wise with your friends. Very nice!


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    more improvements noted... (on wii):

    4. Entering friend codes is much easier with the numeric pad gui.

    5. When you "Manage Friends", the ones that are online have a bolder font.
    (...or am I imagining this?)

    6. When Game Invites are received, it tells you who it's from.

    All nice changes!

    P.S. In wii-land, I don't think there are any game patches;
    they are not supported by Nintendo. Sigh.
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