Who got you into The Beatles?


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    I love George Harrison's writing style. Here Comes the Sun also has a spot in my heart but for a more bittersweet reason. My Grandmother died last October from complications caused by dementia. It had rained all morning and on my way to see her I was listening to the radio. Just as the sun finally broke through the clouds, Here Comes the Sun began to play on the radio. I knew that she was gone at that moment and in some way this was the universe's way of saying it was alright and that she was free. QUOTE] That was amazing and emotional story thank you for that =]
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    My Grandmother and my Friends Charity and Luke
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    I think it all kicked off in elementary school when this older kid brought in the Yellow Submarine movie for a half-day. Needless to say, I enjoyed it very thoroughly. I especially gained an interest in Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.
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    onduvalst;3079881 said:
    I remember the first time I heard "My Guitar Gently Weeps". It was 7th grade music class and I don't recall why we were studying the song but the sound of it was so emotional and raw to me. I've been hooked ever since.
    I love George Harrison's writing style. Here Comes the Sun also has a spot in my heart but for a more bittersweet reason. My Grandmother died last October from complications caused by dementia. It had rained all morning and on my way to see her I was listening to the radio. Just as the sun finally broke through the clouds, Here Comes the Sun began to play on the radio. I knew that she was gone at that moment and in some way this was the universe's way of saying it was alright and that she was free. OK I have to go cry now...........
    wow. great story.
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    how do u view a single post. its making me crazy
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    My dad got me into them by playing their albums when I was young
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    My father always listen to the Beatles when I was growing up.
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    I guess I got myself into the Beatles by borrowing the LOVE soundtrack CD from my grandmother. Listened to that and I was instantly aware that I was onto something really special.

    Also, just a few days ago I played the game with my uncle, who's a huge Beatles fan but not a gamer at all. He had a great time and insisted that another play session should be scheduled right away :)
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    Who got me into the Beatles?
    the Beatles got me into the Who, that's even more important!
    (I read about McCartney praising Entwistle and I randomly bought Who's Next and BOOOM)

    Seriously, it was a camomile tea TV commercial back in the Seventies. I was four and the commercial played a spot-on cover of Michelle. I went crazy, I was singing it all the day. My parents did the rest, scared that a camomile tea commercial could be so exciting for me. Rubber Soul, man.
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    It all started with a Doobie Brothers concert. It was my first concert and I was expecting to know every song they played. It turned out that I only knew about 5 and I was highly disappointed. While we were leaving, they had music playing on the speakers and I'm pretty sure one was "Eight Days A Week." I thought, "Hey, I love that song!" and I knew we had the Beatles' "1" CD at home. Right when I got home, I found the CD, played it to death, expanded my collection, and the rest is history! They are easily the greatest band ever. End of story. :)
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    When I was a kid the only pop LP in the house was A Hard Day's Night which my sister had got as a present. I claimed it and played it constantly on out record player that was hooked up to a speaker in the shop my parents had. The customers were used to having classical music playing as they bought their cakes, but whenever I was around it was A Hard Day's Night.
    I always loved The Beatles but I didn't have any other records until I reached my teens and could go and buy albums for myself. We had no record player at this point and I bought them on cassette tape. I got all the Beatles albums. My White Album cassette, being a double kept snagging and snapping and I had to stick it back together several times. :( . As soon as I started work I bought myself a hi-fi and started buying all the Beatles, and eventually the solo stuff, on LP. I bought the lot again in '86 on CD and have just given them my hard earned cash for the fourth time with the remasters.
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    the first time I heard a beatles song was when my mother played birthday, on my birthday, for me and my cousin at a very young age. what is awesome about this moment (except that it is the first time I heard the beatles) is the fact that my cousin and I were born on the same day.
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    My mother first got me into the Beatles, when she got me a 45 RPM record of Octopus' Garden when it came out in 1969. I was very small but I loved singing along with it, and I liked the Apple logo on the label.

    In 7th grade, we had a music teacher (I think his name was Glenn Endres or something close to that) who taught us more about the Beatles. Mind you, this was back when they all were still alive. We talked about the meaning behind Eleanor Rigby, we talked about acid rock and the drug connotations in Norwegian Wood... we learned to play Beatles songs on the acoustic guitar. I've long forgotten how but that was the coolest music class I ever took.

    In college, I was a DJ at our radio station. There was a guy named Manny LoPresto who was a huge Bealtes fan. He had all kinds of rare records and collectibles - I heard his apartment was like a Beatles shrine. He was pretty cool, I ought to look him up some time.

    The release of this game and the remasters has encouraged me to dig deeper into this band that's always been a part of my life.
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    My mom grew up in the 60s, so naturally she is a huge Beatles fan.
    That fandom passed on to me. I can remember listening to her Beatles records when I was as young as 3 or 4. Luckily for me my dad had bought her an import copy of the Beatles Collection, so even though we're American, I was able to experience the real versions of Beatles albums on vinyl, not those Capitol abominations.

    And now I am happily listening to the mono and stereo remasters, which is making me more interested in the music than I've ever been. It's amazing how many songs simply sound better in mono. At times, listening to the mono versions is like listening to a whole new song. In a way it's like I'm discovering the band all over again.
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    Michael Jackson is partially responsible for me getting interested in The Beatles. When I was younger I remember hearing the Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson collaborative song, Say,Say, Say on one of my mother's records. I remember that I became interested in Paul because of this song and I listened to Band on the Run shortly after that. That record pretty much sealed the deal on me deciding that I liked this Paul McCartney fellow, and I "discovered" most of the Beatles discography after that throughout my preteen years (probably aged 9-12 or so).

    The first Beatles record I listened to was Rubber Soul followed by Magical Mystery Tour and Abbey Road. Once I was initiated into the Beatles lore I decided I'd also enjoy John Lennon's solo stuff, which I do for the most part. :)
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    my father did. it's as simple as that. i can remember many beatles songs from my childhood, as some of my earliest memories. songs like yellow submarine, mean mr. mustard, please mr. postman, come together, love me do, she loves you, hey jude, etc. ahhh. good times.
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    My dad was never into them, and my mom liked them, but never really got me listening. I started when a few of my friends from school gave me a copy of Rubber Soul.
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    At the ripe young age of 17 I can not stand the look on the faces of my peers when I tell them my favorite band is The Beatles. With my age group its sort of a love/hate relationship, either you adore them or despise them.

    I remember a few years back, probably when I was 11 or 12, that I recognized a song being played on the stereo. It was around that age that I didn't just listen to the music, but wanted to learn about it and learn how to play it. So when this song came on, I asked my mother about the band playing it. She said it was The Beatles and ran to the stereo, taking it off of shuffle and playing the album from start to finish. I ended up stealing the CD and playing it in the car every time we went some where. The CD was The Beatles One album, with all of their number one hits.

    Needless to say, my parents got sick of that CD FAST, so I looked into other albums by The Beatles. I bought Rubber Soul on CD first: it was their first 'serious' album I found out (thank you Rolling Stone) and it had my mom's favorite song on it, Norwegian Wood.

    Loved it.

    I ended up purchasing every other CD by The Beatles (sans Revolver). My ex-girlfriend even bought me Abbey Road on vinyl (best thing out of that relationship).

    I now play Bass guitar on an amazing viola bass ala Paul McCartney, in his honor. I plan on getting rid of all of my Beatles CD's though, as I'll be purchasing the remastered box sets shortly.
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    My father was probably the biggest Beatles fan in all of Peru, and he'd spend most of his free time when he was a kid listening to his Beatles records. He's told me that it was the Beatles that inspired him to learn English. Years later when he came to California and I was born, I'm almost positive that he made sure that the Beatles were the first music I ever heard. He'd always the the Beatles in the car nonstop, and by 3rd grade or so I think I had pretty much every Beatles song memorized.

    Then I got into the Stones in 7th grade and thus began my discovering of many many other bands and music, moving on past the Beatles almost never listening to them anymore. Though TB:RB has made me rediscover the Beatles' music and now I'm downloading all the remasters and realizing how brilliant they were and how many great songs they wrote
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    Suprmallet;3079228 said:
    As a child, I was not much into music. I adored film and literature, but had never heard too much music that really grabbed me. It didn't help that my mother often listened to musicals, most of which to this day I still cannot stand. My dad, however, used to play a soft acoustic song that he had taught himself on guitar. I didn't know it at the time, but it was in fact "Blackbird" off The White Album.

    When I was around 11 or 12, my grandparents got the family a CD player for the holidays. My dad seized upon the opportunity and purchased A Hard Day's Night, his favorite Beatles album (he had seen the film seven times in the theater as a child). From the moment he put it on the stereo, I was entranced. Who had come up with these catchy hooks and melodies? How could they possibly sound so jubilant? Why did it seem like I knew each song intimately, even though I was hearing them for the first time?

    Every week my dad would bring home another Beatles album. Sgt. Pepper, Rubber Soul, Please Please Me, and so on. It was a little strange for him, having grown up in America, to hear the albums in their British formats, but for me, each new collection was a revelation, especially Abbey Road and The White Album.

    It was around this time that The Beatles Anthology premiered on TV. My father let me stay up late to see each episode, and it become a bonding activity for the both of us. He picked up the Anthology CD sets, which I pored over, listening for the slightest deviations from the studio version, and rejoicing at unheard versions of solo tracks like "Teddy Boy" and "Not Guilty."

    In all, I spent a year listening to nothing but The Beatles. My fervor culminated with a Beatles-themed Bar Mitzvah, where each table had a different Beatle figure for a centerpiece. To this day, they are still one of my favorite bands, and their boundless creativity has inspired me in my own life.

    To thank my dad, I recently purchased the Beatles in Stereo box for him (I grabbed the Beatles in Mono box for myself). He now listens only to classical music, but still clearly has a soft spot for The Beatles, because he put on a few of his favorites from the box set and said he enjoyed them immensely. I still plan on bringing him to my place to show him Beatles Rock Band, but I feel he would only get mild amusement out of it. Still, I'm curious to see his reaction.

    And then one day I found a copy of David Bowie's greatest hits, which really changed my life, but that's another story for when Rock Band: Bowie comes out... ;)


    OK but for real my first exposure to The Beatles, and my first real enjoyment of the band, came around the time I was around 5 years old (circa 1976) and a local television station was playing the "Yellow Submarine" animated movie. I just fell in love with the visuals and the music.

    When Lennon was killed in 1980... I was nine and didn't even know who John Lennon was by name. When I found out he was a member of The Beatles, I was flabbergasted. His music (and Beatle music) flooded the airwaves for weeks.

    But what CEMENTED my love of The Beatles... was a dopey, idiotic, disco-esque Beatles medley called "Stars on 45" that was released in the Spring of 1981. A bunch of Nordic soundalikes did a 4 minute medley of a bunch of Beatle hits to a disco backbeat. Looking back now, it was pretty awful, but I had the tape and the 4 minute medley was on the single version. The album cut lasted something along the lines of 12-15 minutes or so, and was my first wide exposure to The Beatles catalogue.

    That fall, I became hooked. I started buying and collecting the albums, as well as finding or reading ANY book I could find about the band. I dragged my Dad to a local art cinema in 1982 to go see a rerelease of A HARD DAY'S NIGHT. They became my favorite band. I was 10. I'm now 38. They still are my favorite band.

    Let's hear it for the groin.
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    back in 1999-2000 my dad tried to get me into them, I was more into Alternative/ Grunge at the time haha (whatever they played on the radio) so I just dismissed them. For a few years I wondered: "why the hell are they so popular?" I think it was back in 07-early 08 that I really got into them. I was in the car with my dad, we were listening to this satellite station that exclusively played Beatles songs, (we had a 3 year free subscription to Sirius) while we were listening he was telling me about the songs they liked to write and how John and Paul had to write songs for Ringo haha. So I decided to downloaded a few singles and found them enjoyable. Later on I got a hold of their full discography, I decided to listen to Abbey Road first... and I was simply blown away, it was like nothing I had ever heard before. And now Ive heard just about every Beatles song, and know almost everything about each one :)

    I still kick myself for not getting into them at an earlier age haha
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    Harmonix announced The Beatles Rock Band. I got Abbey Road. The end.
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    I first got into The Beatles in the early 70's when they started showing Yellow Submarine once a year on TV. That was the greatest cartoon I ever watched.

    Now, you young'ens wouldn't understand. At that time in life there were only three or four channels on the TV to watch and there were no VCRs, DVDs, or pirated vids to download. So, the only way to see such a show was to plan to see it.

    After the first time I saw it I was mesmerized and I started asking my parents each week if the cartoon was going to come on again. They would look in the TV guide for me and tell me no. My father, in order to shut me up, bought me the Revolver album. It was the second album I ever owned. The first being a set of Disney albums... hey, I was only a kid.

    Revolver is still my favorite album of all time.
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    You did, and all of the other people at Harmonix.
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    It was largely due to my mom. She was 10 when the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan show for the first time. She had told me stories of hearing "I Want To Hold Your Hand" on the radio about a month before their appearance, and instantly becoming a full-fledged Beatlemaniac. She had to make deals with everyone in her house so she could watch them on the Ed Sullivan show that night(she had four brothers and sisters, so getting to watch what she wanted took some doing).

    I can remember her telling me about when I was very small, and listening to her Beatles records on our old record player. I remember watching something on TV about John Lennon when I was very young, and getting very upset when they told me he was dead (This would have been a year or two after his assassination). One of my favorite songs when I was little was "Octopus's Garden;" I can remember running around in the yard under the sprinkler singing it.:D

    So the Beatles have always been a part of my life, largely due to my mom. It was the Anhtology project that really kicked it into high gear for me, and turned me into a raving Beatlemaniac. :) When the first Anthology album was released, I wanted it badly for some reason. I mentioned it to my mom once or twice, and one day, when I got home from school, it was sitting on the shelf in front of my stereo. From there, I dived head-on into the world of Beatlemania, and have never regretted a moment of it.
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    I knew the beatles, and recognized some songs, but this totally hooked me onto them.
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    I'm fairly young for my age, and I know alot of people my age dont really listen to classic stuff like they should. Its all the rap, and pop out there now.

    I got into The Beatles, probably at the age of 6. i remember my dad had The Beatles greatest hits in his 1998 jeep cherokee, and every mornin, I would wake up, oh round 4 o clock to go to work with my dad, and we had to wait till 7:30 for school. On the way there, we would play that cd forever. 8 Days a week was my song. Thats an image in my childhood I will never forget. Oh to wish the 90's were still here.

    Some good memories. i still have the CD, and at my age, and that was almost 12 years ago.
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    My mother owned Beatles albums, when I was growing up.

    Sgt. Pepper's, Revolver and Rubber Soul were available to me, on 12" album, along with a mono record player.

    She had seen the Beatles a couple of times, although she was completely jaded about the experience because no matter where she saw them (clubs in the UK) you could not hear them, only the idiots screaming their heads off.

    So, from the age I was old enough to operate a phonograph I have been a Beatles fan, so... 40 years?
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    Mine was very casual.

    I have a friend named Matt at school. I'm 14 and this was just this March. I asked him what he was listening to on his iPod and he told me "Revolution by the Beatles." I told myself "ehh i'll look it up on youtube when I get home." I then looked up Revolution after I was done with all my homework and man I was impressed with that song. I never gave the Beatles much of a chance because I had been exposed to them previously in my art class when my teacher brought in the Yellow Submarine Movie. I didn't even watch the movie (which I now regret) and instead worked on homework and studied for a speling contest I had. Well I listened to Revolution and was instantly hooked with the first guitar riff by John. I thought it was an awesome song and then I checked out more of their songs by clicking the "Related Videos" on youtube. I then was gtting all their CD's from my library and went as far to ask alot of my friends if they had any Beatle CD's I could borrow and rip to my iPod. I've been a Beatles fan ever since and in fact, bought all the remasters individually at Target within 5 days of 09/09/09, and I obviously opted for the Limited Edition Bundle and the Gretsch Guitar which I bought with hard earned money going back all the way to age 7. I love their music now, and I'll love it forever.
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