Please Contact Fuel about RBN!

Fuelie79Fuelie79 Road Warrior
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This band is desperate and willing to be in Rock Band!

They posted on their Myspace asking people to request them for Guitar Hero 5! (

And here is a Quote for their message boards from lead guitarist, Carl Bell on his interests in having their songs in RB/GH:
CarlBell said:
I've played both Guitar Hero and Rockband. Would be completely fine of course being on either one. We've had a few songs in vid games already, would be fine with more.
Please send them a message or reply to their blog post showing your support and letting them know about RBN. I know if enough of us reach out to them, we are bound to finally get Fuel in Rock Band. Requesting them for GH is a lost cause. Please help me out here guys!


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