When do I have to redeem my tokens by? (pepsi rock band)

Molarmite313Molarmite313 Unsigned
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When do I have to redeem my tokens by? I still can't decide between a couple songs that I want.

And can anyone suggest some fun ones preferably GnR, RCHP, and Pearl Jam. I already have Better, Snow and Under the Bridge.


  • rocker820rocker820 Road Warrior
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    the codes must be redeemed from the website before the first of Oct, or two days

    they must be entered into your console before Jan 1 2010
  • snobrder218snobrder218 Opening Act
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    Woah what?! I thought they'd continue to update the list until january, and we could keep redeeming codes. We really have until the 1st?! I can't seem to find that in the FAQ/Rules

    Never mind, crap, well now I have to splurge them on songs I was really not too particular about. Whatever.
  • thefncrowthefncrow Opening Act
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    You were probably looking at the wrong deadline. There's 3 deadlines.

    The first was a deadline for entering cap codes. This has already passed.
    Once you entered the cap codes, you played those for prizes, like free songs. Those free songs you won must be redeemed by October 1.
    Once you redeem those winners for songs, you get XBL/PSN codes to redeem your songs. Those codes are good until January 1st.
  • CroqCroq Opening Act
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    From the official rules, rule 10 states: "Winners will have until September 30, 2009 to select their game console/system and track, and track must be redeemed in winner's game console/system by December 31, 2009."
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