Rock Band Network Tools and Documentaion Released

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Rock Band Network Tools and Documentation Released

Today marks the release of the Rock Band Network tool set and documentation. This includes the Magma software, the special Rock Band plug-in for REAPER and how-to documentation. Oh, and these are FREE to download and read.


MAGMA is a packaging and transferring tool for the Rock Band Network. The program allows you to create song packages that can be uploaded and auditioned on an Xbox using audio stems, in the form of .wav files, and MIDI files authored to the RBN specification in REAPER. MAGMA also provides the ability to audition and test songs downloaded from the Creators Club using "Audition Mode" in Rock Band 2. MAGMA is available for Windows. A quick breakdown of what MAGMA offers:
- Building and transferring songs to Audition Mode in Rock Band 2
- Inputting song information such as genre, album art, album title, track number, price, difficulty and more

REAPER Rock Band Network Plug-in

This plug-in augments REAPER to facilitate the creation of RBN tracks. The REAPER plug-in is available for Windows and Mac. Installing this script in REAPER gives you access to:
- Custom Rock Band colormaps
- Rock Band specific text event list
- Custom key commands
- Rock Band Gameplay Preview Window
- REAPER settings optimization for authoring

REAPER is a complete multi-track audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing, and mastering environment. REAPER is already available from Cockos. For REAPER software downloading and purchasing information visit -

Rock Band Network Documentation

Along with the Rock Band Network tool set, we've released a set of detailed documentation. The documentation includes information about the following:
- Mix and Midi Setup
- Authoring Drums
- Authoring Guitar / Bass
- Authoring Vocals
- Authoring Camera and Lighting
- Authoring Overdrive and Big Rock Endings
- Magma documentation
- Reaper Plugin documentation
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